Monday, March 9, 2009

1500 words-And spring break

I am writing a 1500 word paper comparing 2 people. I have come to find that these two people are very different and my paper seems to be going nowhere. I have spent about 10 hours at the beach these last few days and my first and second fingers on both hands are severly sunburnt. I am actually considering making a doctors appointment. I have never felt sunburn like this. It is radiating constantly. I have to finish this paper and am choked to find 260 more words.

On the plus side, friends, today at the beach I was honored to meet the Penn State Baseball team! How cute they were! All sitting together pale and pasty listening to rap music. Spring break is a fun time here in Cocoa Beach. It makes me feel like for an instant, I am living in a college town. I am not on spring break so it is nice to go after school and pretend I am just here to beach it up with all these Northern kids. ;)

I have this thing where every tourist I see, I assume they are from Michigan. And it seems the majority of them are. So I go around yelling, "Watch it Michigan" when they walk out in front of my car or blind me with their flourescent forearms. So today at work we had this incredibly loud table of about 10 girls. At one point when they were causing a huge ruckus, one of them shouted, "We're from Michigan" and just as they fell silent, I said WAY too loudly to myself "of course you are".

Sorry Michigan.