Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cribs-Cara & Kyle

This morning I worked until 3:30 cuz mardi gras is swiiiiinging. But that's not the point of this blog. Kyle woke me up way too early and we ran uncharacteristically entusiastically outside to see if the mail had come, which it hadn't. But the mail lady was across the street delivering their mail and honked at me so I ran over. She said, "Waiting for this?" and there was our envelope full of keys! (dead bolt, handle, gym and mailbox) Woohoo! So we went and bought some cleaning supplies and got some keys made and popped over and filmed this little gem. I have to work tonight and the electricity won't be on until monday but tomorrow we will probably get some more stuff moved in. Kyle is also getting his chevy impala from his dad today so he is gonna be fixing it up all day over there. So I spent some time alone in my apartment wiping out all the drawers with lysol wipes and putting some dishes away that Kyle will use for the next few months. I'm in love. I feel old. Like, "my kitchen" "my stove" "my washer". Anywho, here it is. MTV CRIBS comes to TITUSVILLE!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wedding Nightmares

I have had a few wedding nightmares recently. One was quick and strange about how I didn't have a dress to where. But it came from a real problem...I am not just having these dreams for my own amusement. My alteration lady is out of town-back in Vietnam visiting a sick relative. Thus--the dream..

My most recent one, however, was long and oh-so-realistic.
I was at the reception which had many smaller rooms where I would walk through and sit and talk with a few guests that I didn't know and who were all old. Kyle was sitting in a chair in the corner of the ballroom and I was hanging out with this gay guy I went to high school with. When I heard the dj playing classic rock for all of the old people to dance to, I went and asked Kyle if I could buy myself an alcoholic beverage. To which he obliged so I bought myself a mixed drink that was about the size of a cough-syrup dose. I asked the old-lady bartender with the butch haircut if I could have more and she said no. Then I realized that the old lady was also the dj. So I asked her to please play some dance music. So she turned on the Cupid Shuffle-which I love. But she would not turn it up when I asked her to. Then mom and dad came and I asked them to dance with me and at that moment I had a heart-stopping realization. The photographer had never showed up. Mom said, "yeah, I noticed he wasn't here and that's why I've been miserable all day. It ruined the wedding." And I just kept saying, "Oh my gosh...Oh my gosh." And she said, "let's give everyone disposable cameras to quickly take some pictures." Then I woke up. .

This dream happened because my photographer took 5 days to get back to me about the contract and only just now has sent it to me. And the disposable camera thing was something I read on a money-saving forum. Somebody actually did that instead of hiring a photographer. Oh and the classic rock...that was what I told my dj never to play. I don't know about the old people.So I had to type this blog to get out my pent-up frustration. What if I really DID forget that he hadn't showed up to the ceremony until the reception and he never called and I never even noticed he hadn't showed? I won't even think about the possibility anymore.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Here are the Top Ten things that I have realized recently.

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE granola. I have always liked to buy yogurt parfaits, ya know, with the fruit and the granola that you pour in and it's all crunchy and sweet? So the other day I bought some low fat vanilla yogurt and some of this.

It is delicious and all natural and I put it in a little cup of yogurt with strawberries or just with the yogurt itself and I have eaten for dinner for the past two weeks. I love this stuff!
2. Nolan's latest blog posting made me realize what a little peanut he is. No really. See?

3. I am getting an apartment in less than two weeks!
This is something I discovered but more...realized is so fast approaching. Wow! I can spend my time cleaning my kitchen and decorating and making Kyle dinner. And I am jealous that he gets to live there before I do!
4. My sleep habits are...wiggity-wack. I sleep about 7 hours on Sunday/Tuesday nights because I have an early class. And allll day I think about how I'm gonna take a nap when I get home, which I hardly ever do, since I don't get home until about 7pm. But when I do, I sleep from 7 until about 830 when Kyle comes home from class. And it is weird. Then all the other days I sleep until about 10am and it is great--and weird.
5. I am going to be able to WALK places in my new home. Though very run down, there are two malls within two blocks of our building. One has a theater in it and an outlet that I like and the other just has a JCPenny's. There is also a Village Inn that Kyle says is "going to be our place" when we're married. ...yum?
6. I am so happy to have Dominique living back home. Tonight she just popped over after dinner to bring me a gift. It's a cute little painted ceramic sign that says "Never forget to kiss each other goodnight." and it has a wire hanger with beads and is very sweet. I will hang it somewhere appropriate in my new home. She is so sweet. I'm glad she hated living in St. Augestine :)
7. I am tired of cold weather. My body is shriveling up. Kyle heard on the news that it was colder in Texas last week than it was in Antarctica. My face is peeling and flaky from the dry cold and I object on the grounds of superficiality to the weather. I cannot live like this.
8. I am a great waitress. My work is really into "secret shoppers" and "if you get a rudeness complaint, you're fired" so when a woman called my boss's boss to tell him how wonderful a server I was, he sent the call to his boss and I received a letter from some Steaknshake guy saying that they value my membership on the SteaknShake team and they want to thank me blah blah blah...I was presented with the corny letter today and it had a copy of the woman's address who made the call to compliment me. I think I will visit her :) I gave a dramatic acceptence speech and threw it away. My work is so lame.
9. I love my major. When I do my creative writing homework, it takes a long time not because I dont know what I'm doing, but because I am so into it that I don't want it to stop. I hate that we aren't allowed to write more than one page for each assignment. They are supposed to be short and sweet but this week I had a story that I so wanted to develop but had to stop. Then when I read it to Kyle and I finished he said, "What?! Why was she like that, why didn't her friend figure it out?!" And it made me feel good.
10. This is the most important one. I realized just yesterday why God had me change my major. I used to want to be a journalist because of the books I'd read about savvy females in their late twenties who were sexy yet lonely living in London or New York and drank champagne with their best girlfriends on the weekends and I wanted to be like that. Then I realized that journalism is a lifestyle. You have to constantly be living in the mindset "is there a story here? I wonder if that guy would talk to me about...whatever." And now that I am an English major I just have this weight lifted. I used to wonder if it was the right choice but now I see why it is. Instead of crying and stressing over my next story and my interviews I have time to help kyle with his homework and we have time to just shutup and watch a movie without thinking constantly about the horrors of school. God gave me a major where I can do something I love in school and have the time to do what I love outside of school. I still stress, of course, but I really do feel like he needs me in this tough time where he's trying to decide what his purpose is. And I think that's what being a wife is all about.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Valentine's Day

Kyle and I had a wonderful St. Valentine's Day. I made homemade mashed taters, country fried steak with gravy and roasted asparagus. For dessert I bought fresh strawberries, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and shortcake and special glasses to layer them in. Delicious! Kyle got me a giant box of chocolates with some other candies and a teddy bear with the year on it in case we forget what year we had our first V-day--haha.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Got It!

Here are a few pics of our new loft. Kyle will be moving in on March 1st! It has never been lived in before so we are excited to break it in!
The first few are of the outside pool area and the gym and game room, which is being renovated.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Sunday

Yesterday was a big day for Kyle and I. (And I'm not even talking about the superbowl!) We went to church...a little late, then went to the hospital to visit grandma.

I had been hesitant to go because it was such a major surgery and I was afraid of being in the way and I was afraid for some other reason that I can't put into words. It was just...scary. But we went to visit and Aunt Deb was there along with some weird people from church who like grandma more than she likes them. Grandma was having a delicious fruit platter and enjoying it and without me even asking to see her leg she hoisted it right up in the air with a grimmace and a grin. I didn't know how to reply, really. I just said, "wow." But with more of a sad wow than a super! wow. It had bandages around the end and was cut about mid-shin and was something I had only seen in movies. We left after about 20 minutes of talking about rehab down in melbourne and telling her how nice it will be for her to be able to eat dinner at her table insetead of propped up on the sofa because her foot is hurting too much. It was nice to see her doing well. I don't really worry about grandma in a hospital because she has been through so much and is so strong through it all, but it's difficult to go to hospitals for me, I guess.

I remember talking to Leah about it and she said that to her hospitals meant new babies so she didn't mind being in them, but to me hospitals make me feel queasy and I feel nervous and sterile.

Well, then we went to Chilis for lunch and just ate and talked for a long time and I really enjoyed just chatting with my man.

Then we went to Kay's in hopes of finding the perfect bridal set to go with my engagement ring and we did! Kyle was indecisive about his ring so we will get it next month, but mine is so cool and different! Kyle actually doesn't like it much, he said he wishes it was more traditional because he doesn't want people to judge it. I don't care! It is actually called a diamond enhancer and goes on both sides of my ring. It is pictured below and was spread apart for my ring to fit in, but will be tapered and soddered at the bottom before the wedding.

The best part was being able to take it home and it already fits me perfectly so I got to try it on for mom who said it complimented the ring nicely and aunt Deb who said "they have such different rings nowadays" and dad, who was unimpressed and just looked at it like it was a peice of junk mail. Oh well!

Then we went to see Dear John, which was a Nicolas Sparks book that I read on Thanksgiving and it was a lovley, sappy movie.

Then we went to walmart for something er other and caught the last quarter of the superbowl at home. KYle didn't much care to watch but he was glad the saints won and that I was nice enough to make him homemade fried chicken fingers and fries with homemade honey mustard.

We hate mondays but tomorrow we will hopefully find out if we get our apartment that we want! The approval/denial should be in by then.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Early Birthday

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the breakfast in bed that Kyle brought to me Sunday, which was the day I chose to have the familial celebratory custom of my birthday because the actual day of my birthday is on Tuesday, which is the night Kyle has Algebra class and dad has church meetings. Kyle always stays the night on Saturday nights because we have church in the morning. But this particular morning mom was wearing her especially loud cowboy boots clomping around the house, so I awoke an hour and a half early and went to the bathroom before going back to bed. But before I could get to the bathroom, I was intercepted by Kyle who, upon noting my awakeness, went into a panic and followed me back into my room to instruct me to stay there. So half an hour later he entered with a tray of blueberry pancakes, bacon and fresh strawberries with a little bowl of sugar for dipping. He had his biggest smile on and watched me eat it. He may have enjoyed it more than I did, he was so excited!

This is what happened after church:

The family gathered 'round.

I made a wish

And got exactly what I wanted!!

When you love cereal as much as I do, dispensing it becomes one of your biggest joys.

These are my awesome canisters. Kyle and I had a very serious discussion about what to put in the smallest one. I think it's obvious that brown sugar goes in it because we don't drink coffee or eat traditional rice. Then he argued, what about oatmeal? To which I said, you can put your oatmeal in your half of the cereal dispenser. To which we both marveled and had another moment of joy over that cereal dispenser. It is the coolest.

These are my awesome dishes. They are porcelin and VERY heavy! Everything is square, even the mugs. Mom is gonna get us another set so we will have 8 of everything. I like that idea because then Kyle and I can each eat for 4 days straight without washing dishes...jk.

And you may notice the shirt I am wearing in my birthday pics. It is from Holly, an early birthday present. Thanks Holl for the shirts!

Dad thought it impossible to drink from a square mug, so mom and I had to try. It is an exciting new experience. Dad also insisted that if we were to put chocolate-covered raisins in one side of the cereal dispenser and trail mix with m&ms in the other side, it would be the best use of the dispenser that he could fathom. We almost agreed.

Oh, and a big red bowl! I must have registered for this because it is so fun and I just remember having that big yellow bowl as a kid that didn't match anything so I thought, this is more of a serving/fruit bowl and grandma said it would be perfect for popcorn. (But in my head I just thought...I hope this doesn't turn into our puke bowl...)
Tomorrow for my real birthday, KYle took the day off from work and is taking me a shopping spree to the Florida Mall in Orlando and that is where I will be spending the gift card that Leah got me. Thanks Lee. Then when Kyle goes to class at 6, I am going out to sushi with Dominique and Heather. Can't wait!