Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wedding Nightmares

I have had a few wedding nightmares recently. One was quick and strange about how I didn't have a dress to where. But it came from a real problem...I am not just having these dreams for my own amusement. My alteration lady is out of town-back in Vietnam visiting a sick relative. Thus--the dream..

My most recent one, however, was long and oh-so-realistic.
I was at the reception which had many smaller rooms where I would walk through and sit and talk with a few guests that I didn't know and who were all old. Kyle was sitting in a chair in the corner of the ballroom and I was hanging out with this gay guy I went to high school with. When I heard the dj playing classic rock for all of the old people to dance to, I went and asked Kyle if I could buy myself an alcoholic beverage. To which he obliged so I bought myself a mixed drink that was about the size of a cough-syrup dose. I asked the old-lady bartender with the butch haircut if I could have more and she said no. Then I realized that the old lady was also the dj. So I asked her to please play some dance music. So she turned on the Cupid Shuffle-which I love. But she would not turn it up when I asked her to. Then mom and dad came and I asked them to dance with me and at that moment I had a heart-stopping realization. The photographer had never showed up. Mom said, "yeah, I noticed he wasn't here and that's why I've been miserable all day. It ruined the wedding." And I just kept saying, "Oh my gosh...Oh my gosh." And she said, "let's give everyone disposable cameras to quickly take some pictures." Then I woke up. .

This dream happened because my photographer took 5 days to get back to me about the contract and only just now has sent it to me. And the disposable camera thing was something I read on a money-saving forum. Somebody actually did that instead of hiring a photographer. Oh and the classic rock...that was what I told my dj never to play. I don't know about the old people.So I had to type this blog to get out my pent-up frustration. What if I really DID forget that he hadn't showed up to the ceremony until the reception and he never called and I never even noticed he hadn't showed? I won't even think about the possibility anymore.

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The Kopers said...

You have good recall on your dreams! That was pretty funny!
I think having disposable cameras at the tables is a good idea. People will take funny pics that the photographer may miss.