Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's hard to explain how my mind works. Sometimes when I look at pictures of the kids I am reminded of some funny picture or random person and I have never taken the time to share the similarities I notice. Holly's post today inspired me because there was a perfect picture of Nolan that set it all off.

If you've ever seen Zoolander then you know that Ben Stiller has these "looks" that he is famous for. And this is what I am reminded of when I look at the following picture.

See? Like he's striking a serious pose. But cuter!

Here's the next one.
Gabby's new haircut!

And the American Doll I pictured in my mind...

Ok, next. This is fun, right?
Steven's smile looks eeeeeerily similar to someone else's...

Ok, so it's not eerie at all, but I just noticed the up-turned chin and the slightly squinted eyes. See?

Big, blue eyes and a soft, round belly! So sweet!

That was fun.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My sisters never blog anymore.

My new post section is like a ghost town :(

I have a Turkey and Swiss sandwhich that I can't eat because im at the library and it would be weird to eat a sandwhich at the computer. I'm starving.

Got my school financial issues sorted out today, just waiting to sign up for classes.

I cried after skype-ing with the Koper Clan last night because I wish I lived nearby.

I'm going to eat my sandwhich in private.

One more day of school this week then one more holiday until Christmas. Cannot wait for Christmas vacation.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kyle and I...we look the same

Here are some recent pictures of us. Doing stuff.

Sunday Nap

Lookin' handsome registering for square dishes.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week Update

Things we did this week

~Last night I decided we should make Christmas cookies. When I got all the cookie cutters out I let Kyle pick out the shapes. He picked christmas trees and Texas. Not exactly Christmasy but...we doused them with red and green sprinkles, so he ate them all.

~Last night Kyle got his bike back with a surprisingly-cheap fix. He pulled in the drive and said, "She runs like a brand new machine!" The things he says...

~We would usually go to the gym 3 times a week seperately and since we have had our joint membership we have gone twice so far this week. It is so funny how different it is. He's always looking around to see where I am and when I'm on the treadmill I watch him do his weights and he winks at me :)

~Tonight Dad said, "Where's BK? Is he eating here tonight?" And I was confused so Mom said, "Oh, that's cute! Like, 'Big Kyle'" and Dad corrected her, "No, it stands for Billy Kyle." So that's his new nickname. Thanks dad. Billy Kyle...aka BK. no.

~Today Kyle had a long break between classes and I was gonna come home early to hang out with him. So for the 2 hours he was waiting for me to get home, he went over to my house and took a nap in my bed. When I got home he had just woken up and was laying in my bed eating two hot ham and cheese sandwhiches that mom had made him. Wow. Future mother-in-law of the year award.

~This morning when I woke up, as with every morning, Kyle called me to talk about what our plans were for the evening. So he asked in his chipper morning person voice, "Are you ready to cuddle tonight?!" PAH!...I guess.

~Today I found this old burnt cd with some unidentified handwriting on it that said CARA MUSIC. I put it in and we listened to the first song, "Austin". Then the next two songs were "I'll be" and "I can love you like that" so we slow danced in my room and mom got annoyed at us and closed my door. When mom and dad can't stand the gushiness, you know you're bad.

~We watched Twilight tonight because I really want to go see New Moon this weekend. He kept asking me questions throughout and really loves the movie. Did I mention it's HIS movie that we watched? Did I mention I had to remind him to bring it over from HIS dvd collection? Yeah.

~I'm writing my last news reporting feature on a Vietnamese man named Han (Mr. Hank). He owns our local nail salon and his best friend is a Vietnam war veteran who is his next door neighbor. When I asked him what he and his wife do for fun he said..."We doo kung-fu!...een the back yahd!" He is so funny and they are great Christian people. His wife always reminds me to say hi to Holly for her and tell her that she looks just like me. So, "Hi, Holly!"

I have 23 hours and 54 minutes until my 4 page essay is due on the environmental changes from the 17th-19th century. Better get started.

Friday, November 13, 2009

If you're feeling like a pimp

I wrote a pretty cute mini-blog post about our dinner with Kyle's Dad and Step-mother. But I decided to delete it in the spirit of Christmas...and the fact that it was overloaded with sarcasm.

Last night we were talking about when we were younger and used to go out to the clubs and Kyle said, "I always hoped there were no 'uncle stans' around when we were trying to dance."

So, I said, "Who's uncle stan?"

And he was like, "that's what we call creepy guys, like, 'look at that uncle stan over there!'"

So I said, "well you're not aloud to call them that anymore." Hahaha "...for family reasons."

PS: Favorite comment received on facebook in regards to our engagement..."wow...how long have you guys been together :\"
OH, haters, you are everywhere. I'm fine with it because we knew it would happen. People think we're too young and silly. But we just know, and I have a shiny ring to ease the pain :)

I dare you to understand the words to this song Here about being blind to haters. It's bad-a** with a touch of reggae and soul..but my favorite...

HERE'S another...because last night mom ACTUALLY told me to get the dirt off my shoulder after I was pissed about...well, haters.

My favorit from this video is the girl with the lambo whose all, "Don't hit on me. I drive a $500,000 car. Take that, wanna be."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're Engaged! November 10th!

That's the ring inside the yellow rose. Favorite :)

I'll write it like a romance novel...but more true.

Kyle held the roses behind his back when Cara asnwered the front door. The sun had just set, leaving the porch dark with only the street lamp illuminating the night sky. She thought about turning on the porch light but decided against it so she could steal a kiss without the neigbors seeing. She couldn't even see his face when he gave her a long kiss saying, "I love you so much."
"Give me whatever it is you have behind your back," Cara said, glancing behind him.
He showed a dozen red long-stemmed Holland roses with one bright yellow rose in the center. She took in the sight, distracted by his tense whisper as he began to kneel saying, "I can't wait any longer." Before she knew it he was on one knee before her grasping at her right hand. As he asked those four precious words and she squeeked out a yes amidst tears, she said, "That's the wrong hand, honey." He fumbled with her left hand then found his way. "I'm so nervous," he laughed. Then he hugged her and she couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying. Tears were streaming out of her eyes but a deep laugh escaped her lips as he held her. For the rest of the evening his hand would find its way over to her left ring finger, and he would softly run his thumb over the top of the ring; as if to remind himself that she really was his.

The End (or...The Beginning)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reception Hall

It's funky. It's got a gold, reflective ceiling, which I assume is for lighting quality at night and big air vents that snake around. Despite its quirks, I like the large, central dancefloor, the lower level for gifts, the bar and more space for gifts and the possibility for improvements all around. I saw at least 384749 places I could string twinkle lights plus I was lucky enough to walk in on a weddin planner decorating chairs, which I loved. So here are some pictures.
The first one is of the dancefloor on the upper level. DJ table in the center.

The next one the chairs decorated for that night's reception. I like the idea of black with white sashes.

This one is on the lower level when you first walk in. To the left behind me is the bar and next to the stairs is the gift table, then to the left will be the guest book and whatnot. Love? Not yet. Excited for potential because I know I have a few crafty sisters and 3 bridesmaids to help out? Absolutely!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top-Ten Tuesday!

I love to do a top-ten tuesday. It makes even the worst ten things about my day seem better if not cohesive.

Today is a top-ten tuesdasy about sayings. These are sayings that Kyle says, most of them being sliiiightly different than what I am used to hearing. And they make me laugh every day so I am sharing them for you.

10. Healthy as an ox. (This one is from a previous blog, but it is most popularly known as "Healthy as a Horse.")
9. It's hotter than a jalepeno's coochie! (This one...I can't correct except to say that it's probably made up...)
8. It was harder than a diamond in an ice storm. (This one isn't wrong. Frankly, I've never even heard of it...but it makes me laugh every time.)
7. I don't want to put all my chickens in one basket. (Obviously the correct phrase is "eggs is one basket" but Kyle was just getting ahead of himself.)
6. He was dumber than a doorknob. (Dumber than a doornail.)
5. I'm just jackin' with you. (Just joshin' with you.)
4. The words are at the end of my tongue! (Tip of my tongue.)
3. Is your Daddy a glass maker?...get outta the way! (I remember this one as a kid. Leah would say to me when I stood in front of the tv, "Cara, you make a better door than a window...)
2. You're as loud as a bull in a China-man's closet! (Not even sure if I've heard anything like this one...ever.
1. Just a teaspoon a day will keep the...will keep you healthy! (Hahahaha, this one is the cutest.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Today was one of those days where I certainly did NOT get significantly less done than I planned. It is definately Monday

I did not accidentally push out way too much gel deoderant so decided I would just wear all of it, only to realize that it did NOT get all over my BLACK workout shirt.

I did not quit in mid-weightlifting to run to the bathroom and try and smear off all of the excess gel with a wet towel.

I did not feel very uncomfortable as I looked at the weight bench next to me to see my ex-boyfriend's best friend. I do not think he kept looking at me. I was not suspicious when he got on the treadmill right next to mine. There were not 30 others open! I'm not paranoid.

I did not tell myself not to overthink my decision to change my major. Because going to college has got NOTHING to do with thinking.

I did not reminice with a classmate on told school poster from when I was little. My favorite one was not "What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right" that one was not in a very close tie with all of the "Garfield Talks Grammmar" ones.

I did not come home from work and have green bean casserole for dinner then decide I was going to puke.

Kyle did not sit behind me the whole time telling me "You can do it, honey." He is not wonderful and very tolerant of my ailments.

I did not leave the bathroom without puking and decide that I needed a 6 o'clock nap. It was not WONDERFUL to sleep until 7:30.

Kyle did not just say, "you ready for pumpkin pie?" That does not translate as "you ready to get me a peice of pumpkin pie since you don't like it and it happens to be my favorite?"

I did not do any of these things.