Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Today was one of those days where I certainly did NOT get significantly less done than I planned. It is definately Monday

I did not accidentally push out way too much gel deoderant so decided I would just wear all of it, only to realize that it did NOT get all over my BLACK workout shirt.

I did not quit in mid-weightlifting to run to the bathroom and try and smear off all of the excess gel with a wet towel.

I did not feel very uncomfortable as I looked at the weight bench next to me to see my ex-boyfriend's best friend. I do not think he kept looking at me. I was not suspicious when he got on the treadmill right next to mine. There were not 30 others open! I'm not paranoid.

I did not tell myself not to overthink my decision to change my major. Because going to college has got NOTHING to do with thinking.

I did not reminice with a classmate on told school poster from when I was little. My favorite one was not "What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right" that one was not in a very close tie with all of the "Garfield Talks Grammmar" ones.

I did not come home from work and have green bean casserole for dinner then decide I was going to puke.

Kyle did not sit behind me the whole time telling me "You can do it, honey." He is not wonderful and very tolerant of my ailments.

I did not leave the bathroom without puking and decide that I needed a 6 o'clock nap. It was not WONDERFUL to sleep until 7:30.

Kyle did not just say, "you ready for pumpkin pie?" That does not translate as "you ready to get me a peice of pumpkin pie since you don't like it and it happens to be my favorite?"

I did not do any of these things.


The Kopers said...

Steve does the same thing with "how about some chocolate milk" it means "goe get me some." Jerk.

The Kopers said...

goe? I like it.