Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week Update

Things we did this week

~Last night I decided we should make Christmas cookies. When I got all the cookie cutters out I let Kyle pick out the shapes. He picked christmas trees and Texas. Not exactly Christmasy but...we doused them with red and green sprinkles, so he ate them all.

~Last night Kyle got his bike back with a surprisingly-cheap fix. He pulled in the drive and said, "She runs like a brand new machine!" The things he says...

~We would usually go to the gym 3 times a week seperately and since we have had our joint membership we have gone twice so far this week. It is so funny how different it is. He's always looking around to see where I am and when I'm on the treadmill I watch him do his weights and he winks at me :)

~Tonight Dad said, "Where's BK? Is he eating here tonight?" And I was confused so Mom said, "Oh, that's cute! Like, 'Big Kyle'" and Dad corrected her, "No, it stands for Billy Kyle." So that's his new nickname. Thanks dad. Billy Kyle...aka BK. no.

~Today Kyle had a long break between classes and I was gonna come home early to hang out with him. So for the 2 hours he was waiting for me to get home, he went over to my house and took a nap in my bed. When I got home he had just woken up and was laying in my bed eating two hot ham and cheese sandwhiches that mom had made him. Wow. Future mother-in-law of the year award.

~This morning when I woke up, as with every morning, Kyle called me to talk about what our plans were for the evening. So he asked in his chipper morning person voice, "Are you ready to cuddle tonight?!" PAH!...I guess.

~Today I found this old burnt cd with some unidentified handwriting on it that said CARA MUSIC. I put it in and we listened to the first song, "Austin". Then the next two songs were "I'll be" and "I can love you like that" so we slow danced in my room and mom got annoyed at us and closed my door. When mom and dad can't stand the gushiness, you know you're bad.

~We watched Twilight tonight because I really want to go see New Moon this weekend. He kept asking me questions throughout and really loves the movie. Did I mention it's HIS movie that we watched? Did I mention I had to remind him to bring it over from HIS dvd collection? Yeah.

~I'm writing my last news reporting feature on a Vietnamese man named Han (Mr. Hank). He owns our local nail salon and his best friend is a Vietnam war veteran who is his next door neighbor. When I asked him what he and his wife do for fun he said..."We doo kung-fu!...een the back yahd!" He is so funny and they are great Christian people. His wife always reminds me to say hi to Holly for her and tell her that she looks just like me. So, "Hi, Holly!"

I have 23 hours and 54 minutes until my 4 page essay is due on the environmental changes from the 17th-19th century. Better get started.

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The Kopers said...

I love your updates! I need to call you.
I laughed so hard at Daddy's nickname for Kyle. That's so cute!
I'm glad you were able to interview Mr. Hank. They are such a sweet family! You should invite them to your wedding! After they do all of our nails, of course:)