Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's hard to explain how my mind works. Sometimes when I look at pictures of the kids I am reminded of some funny picture or random person and I have never taken the time to share the similarities I notice. Holly's post today inspired me because there was a perfect picture of Nolan that set it all off.

If you've ever seen Zoolander then you know that Ben Stiller has these "looks" that he is famous for. And this is what I am reminded of when I look at the following picture.

See? Like he's striking a serious pose. But cuter!

Here's the next one.
Gabby's new haircut!

And the American Doll I pictured in my mind...

Ok, next. This is fun, right?
Steven's smile looks eeeeeerily similar to someone else's...

Ok, so it's not eerie at all, but I just noticed the up-turned chin and the slightly squinted eyes. See?

Big, blue eyes and a soft, round belly! So sweet!

That was fun.


The Kopers said...

That was so cute! The one of Gabby and the American Girl Doll are pretty identical!

The Kopers said...

Very cute! And Jack really is a dough-boy!

Diane (and Baby Taylor) said...

Zoolander? - Yes! I believe that look is "Magnum"