Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not me Monday

It's 50 minutes into Monday and I can already think up a hefty list of things I did NOT do in the last 24 hours. (Because last Monday I sat down with every intention of writing one of these and could not think of anything...)

I did not work late, which did not cause me to explain to Kyle that I could not go to church because I was not too tired. I am never too tired to wake up for church.

Kyle did not come in my room 10 minutes before church and try to RIP me from my bed.

I did not take advantage of a moment where he lost his grip and definately did not roll to the other side of the bed in a protective ball and I did not fall back to sleep.

I did not make fun of the nativity movie clip shown in church today because all of the actors did NOT have British accents. I did not lean over to mom and dad and say in my LOUDEST British accent whisper, "Blimy! A bloody baby was booorn to the city of David, blokes!"

I did not hide a speeding ticket that I got on Thanksgiving night only to have my radar detector taken away by Kyle. I did not then cry for him to give it back. To which he did not say, "No. I love you too much."

We DID however play scategories today. And when grandma grew impatient with grandpa and began yelling at him to hurry up so we could start the game, I did not say, "Grandma. You waited 70 years to play this game, you can wait 10 minutes." Everyone did not laugh hysterically. Her face was not priceless.

One of the scategories was not "Things you keep hidden" starting with the letter "K". Ian's choice was NOT "Kondoms". We did not laugh for 10 minutes before telling him they start with "C"...not to mention he should not know anything about them at his age.

I am not forced to write this blog at 1am because I did not decided to do laundry, to which I did NOT add my only set of sheets, which I do NOT need to sleep in tonight. I would never do that. They are NOT not even close to being dry.

I'm not falling asleep.

Kyle's sister did not have her baby today at 1:17! (ok, she did and we're so excited)

The first thing he said to her when she called was not, "How did it feel to lose 7lbs, 1oz in 10 seconds?!"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Christmas Miracle

Every year we get those presents. You know the ones. Mine are usually marked "C Joy" in old-fashioned cursive, but there is one thing they all have in common; each and every package promises to hold something that you never would have known you wanted until it was staring you in the face. Last year we had quite a ball with grandma's gifts. From the giant sausage (yum) to the travel-lotions there was little to be desired. Here is a link to it in case you need to get back in the spirit of things. Anywho, we started early this year. The two presents of the 10 she sent were...marvelous? mysterious? Musky. That's the one.

Well, for starters they came with a letter of explaination that started with: Dave, here's the thing.

What the box encapsuled was 6 vintage avon collectables. Apparently, in another era, Avon was the premier place to get cheap cologn in tacky and completely unrelated vessels.


This one is called Avon Stop and Go. And the scent is "Spicy". Well, obviously. There's nothing that singest the pallet more than a traffic light. mhmmm.

This one is called Windjammer. It appears to be a zamboni with golf clubs in the back seat. (Which come seperatly and you have to attach them yourself) Apparently it is some old-fashioned golf cart, and did I mention it smells divine? Bet you weren't expecting that?

So, all in all, while we munched on the Girl Scout cookies she sent, we have enjoyed our Christmas that much more. Grandma's gifts are always so fun and, well, perplexing. Perhaps when we open the other 4 Avon bottles she sent we will find "tangy tank engine" and hopefully a "musky minivan". This is fun!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Mechanic

Latley my car is at that stage. I got it in May and it has been a perfect angel ever since. That is, up until a couple Saturdays ago.

I came out to my car to get some lipgloss or whatnot while on a 6-2 shift at work. (that's 2am, mind you) Coming upon my car, I noticed my right front tire was flat. So flat. So I called Kyle (waking him up, because by this point it was past midnight) and he came within 10 minutes with his compressor (or whatever it's called). He pumped up my tire and showed me how to measure the air pressure and to know what the number should read, then he said he would leave the compressor in case I had to blow it up again before I left. (To which I said, "I'll just ask some guy who works here to do it for me." To which he said, "You never ask another man to do something YOUR man can do. You call me before you leave.") So by 1:30 my tire was flat again and he bought a can of FIX-A-FLAT (workswonders) and pumped it up again and drove it to my house, with me following in his PT cruiser. He stayed the night since it was 2:30 by the time we got home and changed my tire the next morning.

I use wayy too much wiper fluid so he has had to fill my fluid-holder-thingy twice since then.

The week after the tire incident my oil light blinked a couple times then stopped, so I ignored it. Then it did again a week later. So last night at 9oclock I asked Kyle to check my oil thinking he would get to it this weekend. No. At 9:30 we were driving to Wal-mart because I needed a complete oil change. My oil was so low that it wasn't even touch the end of the dipstick. ugh. Not to mention that by 11:30 he had finished the oil change and cleaned everything up before realizing that he forgot to replace a washer that had fallen into the oil bucket. So he had to start over. Jack up the car, empty the oil, replace the screw. Jack DOWN the car, replace the oil, clean the driveway.(But I won't mention that). Then he apologized for messing up.

After reminding him that he didn't have to change my oil in the first place so he had no reason to apologize, we had a wopping 15 minutes to relax before we were too tired to entertain ourselves and he went home. I am so thankful for Kyle and his interest in cars.

If I could have recorded the things he was saying while changing the oil it would have sounded something like this..."Cool!" "Wow, did you know your car did this?" "I love these fuel filters!" (genuinely, he enjoys stuff like this.)

Additionally, go HERE to see our official wedding website. Updates to come...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top Ten Tuseday

In the spirit of Christmas and finals, I have HUGE tasks running through my brain. It's sort of my own version of the 12 days of Christmas...
4 Finals, gay!
3 gifts to do
2 papers due
And a Wedding to plan by late Maaaaaay.

Anyway, my top ten Tuesday consists of the the itty-bitty umimportant things that have no actual necessity yet keep creeping into my to-do list...

10. Lately I have been craving The Office. Over the past two weeks, whenever I get a quiet moment in my room to put away laundry or...sleep, I put in the office. I started with season 3 and am now on season 4's second disk. I can't get enough. I just have to know if Jim and Pam will truly make it...ugh.
9.I spend my class times as of late making schedules of when the final will be, rather than hearing what the final will be on. I spent American History reading a chapter in my journalism book on Rush Limbaugh and found that he is a douche. And yesterday I went to walmart for no reason whatsoever and bought Kyle a long john shirt (cuz he loves those and he truly needs shirts) and rented a movie from redbox, and bought a ginger bread house building kit (even though last time I tried to build a gingerbread house I cried because the bloody thing wouldn't stand up)
8. I have taken to looking at our Christmas pictures on facebook very often, like 3 times a day. I just think we all look so cute and happy and the tree is so pretty. I wish I had more comments on them because I just think they are so fun!
7. I like to sit on the couch each evening and see if something Christmasy is coming on. So far this year I have taped the Grinch and am making a Christmas special VHS. I could buy a christmas special dvd but it would inevitably have something worthless on it like Rudolph or Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Both dismally lame Christmas specials that seem to haunt me). So I am making my own personalized one with only my favorites. It has Garfield's Christmas and the Grinch, and next Tuesday at 7pm I will be taping Charlie Brown's Christmas. This is clearly very important.
6. Instead of pulling my hair back in a ponytail or Heaven forbid, blowdrying it after a shower, I french-braid it. Sometimes one, sometimes two, and the occasional 3 corn rows. I have gotten very good at this. It is a huge waste of time because I never leave the house in french braids unless I do funky ones for work. Waste of time.
5. (The following is a specific example and is not condusive to my everyday routine) Thanksgiving day we needed to bake the pineapple casserole and cranberry bread while mom took Brinkley for a run. That was our task. But I had been dying to try my hand at turning my out-date very loose-around-my-behind Abercrombie khakis into skinny-leg pants. So I got out the sewing machine amidst Kyle's cries that "I love those pants on you! You'll ruin them!" and turned them inside out and sewed a line down the leg. When I tried to put them on I could not fit my foot through the hole so I threw them in the back of my closet and will probably not rip the seam out for a long while. Of course, then I finished my tasks in the kitchen.
4. I saw a movie Trailer for a new Nicolas Sparks book-turned-movie called Dear John. I noticed that mom has the book in her closet so, following suit of the last 3 book-turned-movies of Sparks', I decided to read the book first. I began reading it on Thanksgiving's eve and finished by 3 o'clock on Thanksgiving afternoon. I could have been writing my personality profile, reading chapter 15 of my history of American Journalism book or perhaps reading one of the 5 chapters of my American History book that I have a final over next week. But Dear John really had to be read before the movie comes out in...good lord...February.
3. I fold my underwear before I put them in the drawer...but I don't bother to put my socks in pairs before putting them in their seemingly bottomless drawer. Somewhere there has got to be a rule against this.
2. I was very excited to get out of American History early so I could rush to the library
1. I like making folders for things. I made a binder for wedding planning, a folder for final reviews and a folder for our december trip. But I am having trouble finding papers to put in our december trip folder other than our itineraries so I have taken to printing out coloring pages for us to do on the plane when we get bored. I swear, I really have important things to do.