Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goodbye Bonfire

I just said goodnight to Holly. They are leaving early and I won't wake up to see them off because I know it will be more emotional for Holly. I know she'll be sad at the airport and cry saying bye to mom and dad. Jr is still up doing the last-minute laundry that Holly decided needed to be done because of the bonfire we just had. We had a stump of an old palm tree that was half hollowed-out. We set it on fire and roasted marshmallows for smores over it. What great fun for the last night. We all smell and have burning eyes. Nolan dozed off around 9 and we got the fire burning.

He's such a good baby and is losing the fussiness that he had when I saw him 6 weeks ago. He only fusses when something is wrong and other than that he is all smiles and cooing. He is a great addition to the family and I've never seen Holly or Jr so happy and proud. Parenthood suits them so well and I can't wait to meet my next nephew, not too far off!

There will be plenty of pics to post of the trip and video as well! Jr has been diligently filming every aspect of their trip! I miss them already!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Day

Today was very nice. Company came in waves with spared silence in between the over-stimulation. Phoebe got aquainted to her new home while avoiding Emmitt's playful bats and sniffs as well as Brinkley's chasing and growling. Yikes! Nolan was very sleepy like his daddy and they both took naps while Holly and I ventured out to buy diapers. Grandparents came for lunch and cards and Nolan, Holly and I took cat naps before Seth and his parents came over. We managed to watch a movie and catch up on old friends on facebook and take plenty of pictures.

Here's me and Nolan sneaking away from the crowds to bond. I sang to him and he took a nap with me in Daddy's chair. It was a great afternoon. So happy to have Holly and Jr here.

He's so very upright and alert. So different from the little man a met 6 weeks ago!

And yes, Leah. That is my "Fa-Fa" that Nolan is wrapped in. Throwback!

Definition for confused viewers: Fa-Fa was my blanket throughout childhood, he went on bike rides, grocery trips and nap times aplenty with me through the years.

The name is thought to have been derived from the Latin, Fah-Zuh, meaning-to console or pacify; and furthermore---...just kidding.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The little things

A few little tidbits that made today a pretty great Thursday.

~I just watched "Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead" on YouTube. Geez you can watch anything on that website. Great movie.
~Don't hafta work late on Saturday which means I can wake up early to witness the very special arrival of our guests...!
~Bought some delicious gum today!
~Got Dunkin Donuts breakfast with Dad this morning. (Mom was there, but skipped out to shop)
~Got a new I.D.
~Gave clothes to Goodwill
~Drove my car
~Did the most humbling/disgusting job at work tonight and actually had fun
~Get to sleep in tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So two weeks ago I told my friend Sheaya that she shouldn't do anything she wouldn't respect someone else for...I did not say this out of the blue because I felt like it, either. I said it because she asked me if I approved of something she was doing and rather than say "no" I know^. So later on I think we hung out one more time and since then I invited her to the beach and she declined with the excuse "my best friend is in town". So now I notice that she has deleted me from her myspace and facebook. I think that it's so not surprising that her way of not being my friend anymore is to delete me from her electronic world. The only reason I get online is to blog, bank and do college stuff. I don't get on myspace and hardly on facebook. This is so lame and rude at pitiful all at the same time that it is making me want to throw a bucket of pig blood on her. Just kidding. Swine flu. No.

I understand that if someone is not your friend anymore then there is no need for them to clutter up your friends' list...I suppose. But the fact that the only way I can tell we are not friends is DUE TO the online friends thing is kinda sad. Worse than a text-message break up. It's like logging onto myspace, hopping on your boyfriend's page and seeing that he has changed his realtionship status from "in a realationship" to "single". Ouch, I know. I've heard horror stories. I never considered her my best friend, just better than that. And I want my volleyball back.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Insert Title Here..."..."

Saturday was a big day, starting at the wee hours trying to save a cat's life, getting a car, ending at 5am leaving work for the night. I felt sick all night at work. My throat started hurting at the car dealership after I ate a twix bar. I thought it hurt because I was too hungy to chew the thing, but the soarness persisted through my 8pm-4am shift at work and I slept til 2pm the next day and declared myself officially ill. Monday morning I went to the doctors and got the Z-pak and couched, movied, and booked all day. (I like using nouns as verbs when I'm sick) I am reading a really interesting book right now that is being made into a movie releasing in June. By Jodi Picoult. (There's the name of the author for you because I was so engaged by the movie trailer when Mom and I went to see a movie on Mother's day, that I sat through the whole movie reminding myself of the authors name so I would remember how to spell it. I told myself "Jodi Pickled" spelled "Picoult" haha, weird memory games) It is called my sister's keeper and rather than explain the premise...HERE is the trailer for it. I wish I could inhale it all in one sitting. Being sick has helped though! I cannot wait to see it. It is the kind of movie that I will go see by myself because I could care less if anyone wants to see it with me or not.

I just made the appointment for Nolan's first pictures. I am so glad I get to be there for it! I pray that he is his smiley self that we all love to see in his pictures and even if he is not, his serious face is seriously adorable anyway!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2002 VW Jetta-Carlos

Today Daddy and I went car shopping. We stopped at a Hyundai dealership full of old lady cars then went across the street to a Nissan-owned used car dealership. The first car I liked we test drove and checked out and here we are! I named him Carlos because the dealer was from South Africa and he said all VW's for right-side drivers are made in South Africa and left-sided are made in Mexico. Perfect!

Have you ever seen the episode of The Office where Jim and Karen are dating and they go with Michael and Dwight to David Wallace's house for the party and Dwight is pulling on the banister, goes up to the chimney and is doing all these crazy checks on the house's foundation and sturdiness. That's what Dad did. He was under the car, pushing on things. It made me laugh so much. But he though it was a good deal and said that if he were looking for a new car, he would buy this one. I was really nervous to seem all excited because I didn't want to do anything that Dad didn't agree with. But he said, "Do you like it? Then let's do this!" Yay!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mourning Jonas

On my way home from work at 1 A.M. I was turning onto the main street before our neighborhood when in my turn, my headlights caught a mother cat and bunch of kittens surrounding her. I parked my car around the corner and ran out with my cell phone for light. I found one kitten as small as my cell phone, lying in the road mewing. I looked for the others but they had scattered. I laid him on my lap and drove the 30 seconds home. I woke mom up and she came out and assessed the damage. She said he had been hit. He wasn't bleeding but after she said it I noticed how his back limbs didn't move. I was on the verge of tears but I had so much adrenaline pumping, I just couldn't get any tears. I just kept apologizing. Mom and I went back to look for the other kittens but they were gone. We had put the little kitten in a shoe box and when we came back he was closer to the end. His breath was shallow and he was still. I named him Jonas...even if it's a girl it works. It is Hebrew for dove, and I am a big fat sappy cat-lover. I admit it. I am so sad. Tomorrow Daddy will bury Jonas next to Jack.
I read a short-story about a man who was proud to be an anti-manly man and one of his greatest moments was when he said, "As a straight man who is proud and secure in my sexuality, I am free to to kiss cats." I thought it was silly but I couldn't imagine a manly-man kissing a cat, so I accepted it.

I am too sad to sleep. All I can say is that Jonas died comfortably on a soft towel in our cool garage, and not in the middle of the road. I can't apologize for that. I can only apologize for the fact that if I hadn't taken so much time as the store after work he would have still been sitting by the road when I got to him. I would not have named him Jonas, I would have gone back to the store to buy him some milk and a bottle, named him Calhoun, and Emmitt would love to hate him.

*He was light gray with a white head and white paws)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This week...

Monday I finished my documentary I was doing on a little-known youth minister. Tuesday He and I and Rochelle and Jan (children's leader and church secretary) went out to lunch. I was fun and I laughed a lot and got free food! Then I got a phone call from my best guy friend "just to check up on me".

I hate that.

It is as if he needs to call me to prove that we're still friends. I understand he has a girlfriend and my existence no longer thrills him as it once did, but I don't need pity phone calls either. He just calls to say, "how was your weekend sweetie?" Yawn.

I'm in a bad mood.

(Sidenote): in Jersey, Holly and Jr said that I should stop hanging out with Jake and Blake because a certain youth minister would think I was dating one (or both?) of them. I didn't really care because I don't see things going anywhere with him but I was curious as to if he DID notice that I would sit with the boys about every other week at church. So at lunch, Youth minister says when Rochelle brings up Blake..."Is that the guy you're always with?"


I was like...(feebly) "yeah.....he's in love with a girl. not me. a girl." (deep inhale...huh)

Today is wedensday and my last day as a college sophmore. It is also the day I recieved a $2000 scholorship that I did not even apply for.

"It's sort of like when I go to the video store and cant decided. Should I rent The Devil Wears Prada again, or should I finally see Sophie's Choice. It's one of those decisions." (Michael Scott-Casual Friday episode) I just watched it online. Hilarious, Meredith's blurry privates. Kevin's chili! Bahahahaha!

Today I also went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with my friend Randy. He is leaving for Air Force boot camp on Sunday and I will really miss him.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I did it! Not me Monday!

As far as Not Me Monday goes...
I did not tell off a crazy black girl in class and then keep my eye on her the rest of the time to make sure she wasnt going to jump me.
I did not tell my teacher that I couldnt attend our final movie class because I have a meeting. (said meeting is not actually lunch with a certain youth minister)
I did not think it was the cutest thing when the shake guy at work said..."I'm gonna take you on a date when I get back from basic training"
I did not then brag about winning a "cutest belly button" competition
I did not spend four hours editing a certain youth minister's documentary which I then did not watch 4 times because I did not enjoy it that much.
I did not call everyone a "poin dexter" at work tonight.
I am not avoiding my room because I do not have to study.
I did not have to repeatedly tell a 24 year old man to "put your shirt down please, please put it down" when he suddenly felt the need to itch his hairy man-boobs in the middle of class. He was not standing in the middle of the classroom addressing the professor either.
I did not then call him a hobo. Sorry. That last one was mean.