Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Day

Today was very nice. Company came in waves with spared silence in between the over-stimulation. Phoebe got aquainted to her new home while avoiding Emmitt's playful bats and sniffs as well as Brinkley's chasing and growling. Yikes! Nolan was very sleepy like his daddy and they both took naps while Holly and I ventured out to buy diapers. Grandparents came for lunch and cards and Nolan, Holly and I took cat naps before Seth and his parents came over. We managed to watch a movie and catch up on old friends on facebook and take plenty of pictures.

Here's me and Nolan sneaking away from the crowds to bond. I sang to him and he took a nap with me in Daddy's chair. It was a great afternoon. So happy to have Holly and Jr here.

He's so very upright and alert. So different from the little man a met 6 weeks ago!

And yes, Leah. That is my "Fa-Fa" that Nolan is wrapped in. Throwback!

Definition for confused viewers: Fa-Fa was my blanket throughout childhood, he went on bike rides, grocery trips and nap times aplenty with me through the years.

The name is thought to have been derived from the Latin, Fah-Zuh, meaning-to console or pacify; and furthermore---...just kidding.

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