Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So two weeks ago I told my friend Sheaya that she shouldn't do anything she wouldn't respect someone else for...I did not say this out of the blue because I felt like it, either. I said it because she asked me if I approved of something she was doing and rather than say "no" I know^. So later on I think we hung out one more time and since then I invited her to the beach and she declined with the excuse "my best friend is in town". So now I notice that she has deleted me from her myspace and facebook. I think that it's so not surprising that her way of not being my friend anymore is to delete me from her electronic world. The only reason I get online is to blog, bank and do college stuff. I don't get on myspace and hardly on facebook. This is so lame and rude at pitiful all at the same time that it is making me want to throw a bucket of pig blood on her. Just kidding. Swine flu. No.

I understand that if someone is not your friend anymore then there is no need for them to clutter up your friends' list...I suppose. But the fact that the only way I can tell we are not friends is DUE TO the online friends thing is kinda sad. Worse than a text-message break up. It's like logging onto myspace, hopping on your boyfriend's page and seeing that he has changed his realtionship status from "in a realationship" to "single". Ouch, I know. I've heard horror stories. I never considered her my best friend, just better than that. And I want my volleyball back.

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