Monday, May 4, 2009

I did it! Not me Monday!

As far as Not Me Monday goes...
I did not tell off a crazy black girl in class and then keep my eye on her the rest of the time to make sure she wasnt going to jump me.
I did not tell my teacher that I couldnt attend our final movie class because I have a meeting. (said meeting is not actually lunch with a certain youth minister)
I did not think it was the cutest thing when the shake guy at work said..."I'm gonna take you on a date when I get back from basic training"
I did not then brag about winning a "cutest belly button" competition
I did not spend four hours editing a certain youth minister's documentary which I then did not watch 4 times because I did not enjoy it that much.
I did not call everyone a "poin dexter" at work tonight.
I am not avoiding my room because I do not have to study.
I did not have to repeatedly tell a 24 year old man to "put your shirt down please, please put it down" when he suddenly felt the need to itch his hairy man-boobs in the middle of class. He was not standing in the middle of the classroom addressing the professor either.
I did not then call him a hobo. Sorry. That last one was mean.

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The Kopers said... and Leah are good at these!