Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grown Ups/Kangaroos

Yesterday I got a cavity filled between my two front bottm teeth. It was so small that the Dentist asked me exactly what he had diagnosed me for. Then after 10 minutes of probing he found it and went to work. After the numbing wore off and still now a day later, I feel like I have been kicked repeatedly in the chin by a kangaroo.

This weekend I am driving up for Laura and Austin's Wedding. I will be a bridesmaid for a third time! Mom and Dad are very unhappy about me driving up alone but I don't have a million friends that I want to sit with in a car for 8 hours and the ones that I invited have jobs or girlfriends and think that a trip like this would be..."a big step in our relationship." (?) hokayyyyy, mr.

I think I should go buy some unhealthy snacks to eat on the way up since I will want to stop as little as possible. I love a good excuse to partake in the unhealthy consumption of high-fructose corn syrup and bleached flour. Also I should fill up my gas tank so that dad can drive my car to work tomorrow since my car would probably poop out somewhere between Atlanta and...the end of our street. There's really no telling. I shall end with a few picture of Laura and I through the years of being friends...cuz she'll officially be a grown up tomorrow<3

this one is so old^ We were about 14 years old, back when they all had braces.

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The Kopers said...

When do you ever eat a healthy snack anyway?;)I'm very impressed that you drove out of state all by yourself. I would probably never do that!