Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can you be jet-lagged if you never changed time zones?

These past two days of being home I have taken evening naps, as I call them. From about 6:30-8. There lots of fun and I feel like I won't make it to bed time without them. I claim jet-lag as my reason.
Yesterday was my first full day home. I had a cavity filling straight away after school and I was super nervous for the shot. However, first thing, the tooth-nurse put a numbing gel on the gum area and by the time the dentist came in the entire left side of my mouth was numb including my throat where I had swallowed some of it. I literally felt no pain except for my jaw aching to snap shut as I had 4 metal attachment-bracket things on my tooth, a mirror, a drill, a vacuum for the tooth particles and a water pistol in my mouth all at the same time. Silly me, after that I went to the gym with a completely numb mouth and here's a tip...don't try to atractively drink from a public water fountain if you can't feel one side of your mouth. Drooling is inevitable. I had fun after that smiling in the mirror...half smiling. HAH!

Oh and the best part of my cavity filling was not leaving, no because when I tried to leave, the receptionist asked me when I wanted to schedule my next filling. What?! Another cavity?! Oh yeah. Dr. Douche told me I had "a little cavity" not "2 little cavities". My friend Blake thinks that he created the second one while he was repairing the first. I conquer. Here is the song I am going to teach my 12-year old Hannah Montana fan guitar student. Her mom asked me to teach her to sing because she always tries to sing like Hannah. I can relate, except...remember Leann Rymes? Yeah she was my own personal brand of Hannah Montana back in the day. So I decided Hannah's alter-ego is as good a transition as any. Try not to WATCH the video...just listen.

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