Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mardi Gras Nelly Concert

Yesterday was an amazing day! My new friend Jaime, Sheaya and myself, bough tickets to Universal City's Mardi Gras. Our tickets got us in at 5pm and Nelly's concert started at 9:45. We rode 3 rides, ate dinner and made our way to the concert area. We shoved our way up to the center as close to the front as we could and waited for about an hour and a half. When he came on stage, I could not contain my joy. It was so much fun. We made friends with all the people around us taking pictures. The Unibrow one below is in honor of a big mean woman with a unibrow who would not let us get in front of her. But by half way through the concert we were so far in front of her it wasn't even funny! More pics on myspace. Yay!!