Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not me Monday

It's 50 minutes into Monday and I can already think up a hefty list of things I did NOT do in the last 24 hours. (Because last Monday I sat down with every intention of writing one of these and could not think of anything...)

I did not work late, which did not cause me to explain to Kyle that I could not go to church because I was not too tired. I am never too tired to wake up for church.

Kyle did not come in my room 10 minutes before church and try to RIP me from my bed.

I did not take advantage of a moment where he lost his grip and definately did not roll to the other side of the bed in a protective ball and I did not fall back to sleep.

I did not make fun of the nativity movie clip shown in church today because all of the actors did NOT have British accents. I did not lean over to mom and dad and say in my LOUDEST British accent whisper, "Blimy! A bloody baby was booorn to the city of David, blokes!"

I did not hide a speeding ticket that I got on Thanksgiving night only to have my radar detector taken away by Kyle. I did not then cry for him to give it back. To which he did not say, "No. I love you too much."

We DID however play scategories today. And when grandma grew impatient with grandpa and began yelling at him to hurry up so we could start the game, I did not say, "Grandma. You waited 70 years to play this game, you can wait 10 minutes." Everyone did not laugh hysterically. Her face was not priceless.

One of the scategories was not "Things you keep hidden" starting with the letter "K". Ian's choice was NOT "Kondoms". We did not laugh for 10 minutes before telling him they start with "C"...not to mention he should not know anything about them at his age.

I am not forced to write this blog at 1am because I did not decided to do laundry, to which I did NOT add my only set of sheets, which I do NOT need to sleep in tonight. I would never do that. They are NOT not even close to being dry.

I'm not falling asleep.

Kyle's sister did not have her baby today at 1:17! (ok, she did and we're so excited)

The first thing he said to her when she called was not, "How did it feel to lose 7lbs, 1oz in 10 seconds?!"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Christmas Miracle

Every year we get those presents. You know the ones. Mine are usually marked "C Joy" in old-fashioned cursive, but there is one thing they all have in common; each and every package promises to hold something that you never would have known you wanted until it was staring you in the face. Last year we had quite a ball with grandma's gifts. From the giant sausage (yum) to the travel-lotions there was little to be desired. Here is a link to it in case you need to get back in the spirit of things. Anywho, we started early this year. The two presents of the 10 she sent were...marvelous? mysterious? Musky. That's the one.

Well, for starters they came with a letter of explaination that started with: Dave, here's the thing.

What the box encapsuled was 6 vintage avon collectables. Apparently, in another era, Avon was the premier place to get cheap cologn in tacky and completely unrelated vessels.


This one is called Avon Stop and Go. And the scent is "Spicy". Well, obviously. There's nothing that singest the pallet more than a traffic light. mhmmm.

This one is called Windjammer. It appears to be a zamboni with golf clubs in the back seat. (Which come seperatly and you have to attach them yourself) Apparently it is some old-fashioned golf cart, and did I mention it smells divine? Bet you weren't expecting that?

So, all in all, while we munched on the Girl Scout cookies she sent, we have enjoyed our Christmas that much more. Grandma's gifts are always so fun and, well, perplexing. Perhaps when we open the other 4 Avon bottles she sent we will find "tangy tank engine" and hopefully a "musky minivan". This is fun!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Mechanic

Latley my car is at that stage. I got it in May and it has been a perfect angel ever since. That is, up until a couple Saturdays ago.

I came out to my car to get some lipgloss or whatnot while on a 6-2 shift at work. (that's 2am, mind you) Coming upon my car, I noticed my right front tire was flat. So flat. So I called Kyle (waking him up, because by this point it was past midnight) and he came within 10 minutes with his compressor (or whatever it's called). He pumped up my tire and showed me how to measure the air pressure and to know what the number should read, then he said he would leave the compressor in case I had to blow it up again before I left. (To which I said, "I'll just ask some guy who works here to do it for me." To which he said, "You never ask another man to do something YOUR man can do. You call me before you leave.") So by 1:30 my tire was flat again and he bought a can of FIX-A-FLAT (workswonders) and pumped it up again and drove it to my house, with me following in his PT cruiser. He stayed the night since it was 2:30 by the time we got home and changed my tire the next morning.

I use wayy too much wiper fluid so he has had to fill my fluid-holder-thingy twice since then.

The week after the tire incident my oil light blinked a couple times then stopped, so I ignored it. Then it did again a week later. So last night at 9oclock I asked Kyle to check my oil thinking he would get to it this weekend. No. At 9:30 we were driving to Wal-mart because I needed a complete oil change. My oil was so low that it wasn't even touch the end of the dipstick. ugh. Not to mention that by 11:30 he had finished the oil change and cleaned everything up before realizing that he forgot to replace a washer that had fallen into the oil bucket. So he had to start over. Jack up the car, empty the oil, replace the screw. Jack DOWN the car, replace the oil, clean the driveway.(But I won't mention that). Then he apologized for messing up.

After reminding him that he didn't have to change my oil in the first place so he had no reason to apologize, we had a wopping 15 minutes to relax before we were too tired to entertain ourselves and he went home. I am so thankful for Kyle and his interest in cars.

If I could have recorded the things he was saying while changing the oil it would have sounded something like this..."Cool!" "Wow, did you know your car did this?" "I love these fuel filters!" (genuinely, he enjoys stuff like this.)

Additionally, go HERE to see our official wedding website. Updates to come...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top Ten Tuseday

In the spirit of Christmas and finals, I have HUGE tasks running through my brain. It's sort of my own version of the 12 days of Christmas...
4 Finals, gay!
3 gifts to do
2 papers due
And a Wedding to plan by late Maaaaaay.

Anyway, my top ten Tuesday consists of the the itty-bitty umimportant things that have no actual necessity yet keep creeping into my to-do list...

10. Lately I have been craving The Office. Over the past two weeks, whenever I get a quiet moment in my room to put away laundry or...sleep, I put in the office. I started with season 3 and am now on season 4's second disk. I can't get enough. I just have to know if Jim and Pam will truly make it...ugh.
9.I spend my class times as of late making schedules of when the final will be, rather than hearing what the final will be on. I spent American History reading a chapter in my journalism book on Rush Limbaugh and found that he is a douche. And yesterday I went to walmart for no reason whatsoever and bought Kyle a long john shirt (cuz he loves those and he truly needs shirts) and rented a movie from redbox, and bought a ginger bread house building kit (even though last time I tried to build a gingerbread house I cried because the bloody thing wouldn't stand up)
8. I have taken to looking at our Christmas pictures on facebook very often, like 3 times a day. I just think we all look so cute and happy and the tree is so pretty. I wish I had more comments on them because I just think they are so fun!
7. I like to sit on the couch each evening and see if something Christmasy is coming on. So far this year I have taped the Grinch and am making a Christmas special VHS. I could buy a christmas special dvd but it would inevitably have something worthless on it like Rudolph or Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Both dismally lame Christmas specials that seem to haunt me). So I am making my own personalized one with only my favorites. It has Garfield's Christmas and the Grinch, and next Tuesday at 7pm I will be taping Charlie Brown's Christmas. This is clearly very important.
6. Instead of pulling my hair back in a ponytail or Heaven forbid, blowdrying it after a shower, I french-braid it. Sometimes one, sometimes two, and the occasional 3 corn rows. I have gotten very good at this. It is a huge waste of time because I never leave the house in french braids unless I do funky ones for work. Waste of time.
5. (The following is a specific example and is not condusive to my everyday routine) Thanksgiving day we needed to bake the pineapple casserole and cranberry bread while mom took Brinkley for a run. That was our task. But I had been dying to try my hand at turning my out-date very loose-around-my-behind Abercrombie khakis into skinny-leg pants. So I got out the sewing machine amidst Kyle's cries that "I love those pants on you! You'll ruin them!" and turned them inside out and sewed a line down the leg. When I tried to put them on I could not fit my foot through the hole so I threw them in the back of my closet and will probably not rip the seam out for a long while. Of course, then I finished my tasks in the kitchen.
4. I saw a movie Trailer for a new Nicolas Sparks book-turned-movie called Dear John. I noticed that mom has the book in her closet so, following suit of the last 3 book-turned-movies of Sparks', I decided to read the book first. I began reading it on Thanksgiving's eve and finished by 3 o'clock on Thanksgiving afternoon. I could have been writing my personality profile, reading chapter 15 of my history of American Journalism book or perhaps reading one of the 5 chapters of my American History book that I have a final over next week. But Dear John really had to be read before the movie comes out in...good lord...February.
3. I fold my underwear before I put them in the drawer...but I don't bother to put my socks in pairs before putting them in their seemingly bottomless drawer. Somewhere there has got to be a rule against this.
2. I was very excited to get out of American History early so I could rush to the library
1. I like making folders for things. I made a binder for wedding planning, a folder for final reviews and a folder for our december trip. But I am having trouble finding papers to put in our december trip folder other than our itineraries so I have taken to printing out coloring pages for us to do on the plane when we get bored. I swear, I really have important things to do.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's hard to explain how my mind works. Sometimes when I look at pictures of the kids I am reminded of some funny picture or random person and I have never taken the time to share the similarities I notice. Holly's post today inspired me because there was a perfect picture of Nolan that set it all off.

If you've ever seen Zoolander then you know that Ben Stiller has these "looks" that he is famous for. And this is what I am reminded of when I look at the following picture.

See? Like he's striking a serious pose. But cuter!

Here's the next one.
Gabby's new haircut!

And the American Doll I pictured in my mind...

Ok, next. This is fun, right?
Steven's smile looks eeeeeerily similar to someone else's...

Ok, so it's not eerie at all, but I just noticed the up-turned chin and the slightly squinted eyes. See?

Big, blue eyes and a soft, round belly! So sweet!

That was fun.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My sisters never blog anymore.

My new post section is like a ghost town :(

I have a Turkey and Swiss sandwhich that I can't eat because im at the library and it would be weird to eat a sandwhich at the computer. I'm starving.

Got my school financial issues sorted out today, just waiting to sign up for classes.

I cried after skype-ing with the Koper Clan last night because I wish I lived nearby.

I'm going to eat my sandwhich in private.

One more day of school this week then one more holiday until Christmas. Cannot wait for Christmas vacation.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kyle and I...we look the same

Here are some recent pictures of us. Doing stuff.

Sunday Nap

Lookin' handsome registering for square dishes.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week Update

Things we did this week

~Last night I decided we should make Christmas cookies. When I got all the cookie cutters out I let Kyle pick out the shapes. He picked christmas trees and Texas. Not exactly Christmasy but...we doused them with red and green sprinkles, so he ate them all.

~Last night Kyle got his bike back with a surprisingly-cheap fix. He pulled in the drive and said, "She runs like a brand new machine!" The things he says...

~We would usually go to the gym 3 times a week seperately and since we have had our joint membership we have gone twice so far this week. It is so funny how different it is. He's always looking around to see where I am and when I'm on the treadmill I watch him do his weights and he winks at me :)

~Tonight Dad said, "Where's BK? Is he eating here tonight?" And I was confused so Mom said, "Oh, that's cute! Like, 'Big Kyle'" and Dad corrected her, "No, it stands for Billy Kyle." So that's his new nickname. Thanks dad. Billy Kyle...aka BK. no.

~Today Kyle had a long break between classes and I was gonna come home early to hang out with him. So for the 2 hours he was waiting for me to get home, he went over to my house and took a nap in my bed. When I got home he had just woken up and was laying in my bed eating two hot ham and cheese sandwhiches that mom had made him. Wow. Future mother-in-law of the year award.

~This morning when I woke up, as with every morning, Kyle called me to talk about what our plans were for the evening. So he asked in his chipper morning person voice, "Are you ready to cuddle tonight?!" PAH!...I guess.

~Today I found this old burnt cd with some unidentified handwriting on it that said CARA MUSIC. I put it in and we listened to the first song, "Austin". Then the next two songs were "I'll be" and "I can love you like that" so we slow danced in my room and mom got annoyed at us and closed my door. When mom and dad can't stand the gushiness, you know you're bad.

~We watched Twilight tonight because I really want to go see New Moon this weekend. He kept asking me questions throughout and really loves the movie. Did I mention it's HIS movie that we watched? Did I mention I had to remind him to bring it over from HIS dvd collection? Yeah.

~I'm writing my last news reporting feature on a Vietnamese man named Han (Mr. Hank). He owns our local nail salon and his best friend is a Vietnam war veteran who is his next door neighbor. When I asked him what he and his wife do for fun he said..."We doo kung-fu!...een the back yahd!" He is so funny and they are great Christian people. His wife always reminds me to say hi to Holly for her and tell her that she looks just like me. So, "Hi, Holly!"

I have 23 hours and 54 minutes until my 4 page essay is due on the environmental changes from the 17th-19th century. Better get started.

Friday, November 13, 2009

If you're feeling like a pimp

I wrote a pretty cute mini-blog post about our dinner with Kyle's Dad and Step-mother. But I decided to delete it in the spirit of Christmas...and the fact that it was overloaded with sarcasm.

Last night we were talking about when we were younger and used to go out to the clubs and Kyle said, "I always hoped there were no 'uncle stans' around when we were trying to dance."

So, I said, "Who's uncle stan?"

And he was like, "that's what we call creepy guys, like, 'look at that uncle stan over there!'"

So I said, "well you're not aloud to call them that anymore." Hahaha "...for family reasons."

PS: Favorite comment received on facebook in regards to our engagement..." long have you guys been together :\"
OH, haters, you are everywhere. I'm fine with it because we knew it would happen. People think we're too young and silly. But we just know, and I have a shiny ring to ease the pain :)

I dare you to understand the words to this song Here about being blind to haters. It's bad-a** with a touch of reggae and soul..but my favorite...

HERE'S another...because last night mom ACTUALLY told me to get the dirt off my shoulder after I was pissed about...well, haters.

My favorit from this video is the girl with the lambo whose all, "Don't hit on me. I drive a $500,000 car. Take that, wanna be."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're Engaged! November 10th!

That's the ring inside the yellow rose. Favorite :)

I'll write it like a romance novel...but more true.

Kyle held the roses behind his back when Cara asnwered the front door. The sun had just set, leaving the porch dark with only the street lamp illuminating the night sky. She thought about turning on the porch light but decided against it so she could steal a kiss without the neigbors seeing. She couldn't even see his face when he gave her a long kiss saying, "I love you so much."
"Give me whatever it is you have behind your back," Cara said, glancing behind him.
He showed a dozen red long-stemmed Holland roses with one bright yellow rose in the center. She took in the sight, distracted by his tense whisper as he began to kneel saying, "I can't wait any longer." Before she knew it he was on one knee before her grasping at her right hand. As he asked those four precious words and she squeeked out a yes amidst tears, she said, "That's the wrong hand, honey." He fumbled with her left hand then found his way. "I'm so nervous," he laughed. Then he hugged her and she couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying. Tears were streaming out of her eyes but a deep laugh escaped her lips as he held her. For the rest of the evening his hand would find its way over to her left ring finger, and he would softly run his thumb over the top of the ring; as if to remind himself that she really was his.

The End (or...The Beginning)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reception Hall

It's funky. It's got a gold, reflective ceiling, which I assume is for lighting quality at night and big air vents that snake around. Despite its quirks, I like the large, central dancefloor, the lower level for gifts, the bar and more space for gifts and the possibility for improvements all around. I saw at least 384749 places I could string twinkle lights plus I was lucky enough to walk in on a weddin planner decorating chairs, which I loved. So here are some pictures.
The first one is of the dancefloor on the upper level. DJ table in the center.

The next one the chairs decorated for that night's reception. I like the idea of black with white sashes.

This one is on the lower level when you first walk in. To the left behind me is the bar and next to the stairs is the gift table, then to the left will be the guest book and whatnot. Love? Not yet. Excited for potential because I know I have a few crafty sisters and 3 bridesmaids to help out? Absolutely!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top-Ten Tuesday!

I love to do a top-ten tuesday. It makes even the worst ten things about my day seem better if not cohesive.

Today is a top-ten tuesdasy about sayings. These are sayings that Kyle says, most of them being sliiiightly different than what I am used to hearing. And they make me laugh every day so I am sharing them for you.

10. Healthy as an ox. (This one is from a previous blog, but it is most popularly known as "Healthy as a Horse.")
9. It's hotter than a jalepeno's coochie! (This one...I can't correct except to say that it's probably made up...)
8. It was harder than a diamond in an ice storm. (This one isn't wrong. Frankly, I've never even heard of it...but it makes me laugh every time.)
7. I don't want to put all my chickens in one basket. (Obviously the correct phrase is "eggs is one basket" but Kyle was just getting ahead of himself.)
6. He was dumber than a doorknob. (Dumber than a doornail.)
5. I'm just jackin' with you. (Just joshin' with you.)
4. The words are at the end of my tongue! (Tip of my tongue.)
3. Is your Daddy a glass maker?...get outta the way! (I remember this one as a kid. Leah would say to me when I stood in front of the tv, "Cara, you make a better door than a window...)
2. You're as loud as a bull in a China-man's closet! (Not even sure if I've heard anything like this one...ever.
1. Just a teaspoon a day will keep the...will keep you healthy! (Hahahaha, this one is the cutest.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Today was one of those days where I certainly did NOT get significantly less done than I planned. It is definately Monday

I did not accidentally push out way too much gel deoderant so decided I would just wear all of it, only to realize that it did NOT get all over my BLACK workout shirt.

I did not quit in mid-weightlifting to run to the bathroom and try and smear off all of the excess gel with a wet towel.

I did not feel very uncomfortable as I looked at the weight bench next to me to see my ex-boyfriend's best friend. I do not think he kept looking at me. I was not suspicious when he got on the treadmill right next to mine. There were not 30 others open! I'm not paranoid.

I did not tell myself not to overthink my decision to change my major. Because going to college has got NOTHING to do with thinking.

I did not reminice with a classmate on told school poster from when I was little. My favorite one was not "What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right" that one was not in a very close tie with all of the "Garfield Talks Grammmar" ones.

I did not come home from work and have green bean casserole for dinner then decide I was going to puke.

Kyle did not sit behind me the whole time telling me "You can do it, honey." He is not wonderful and very tolerant of my ailments.

I did not leave the bathroom without puking and decide that I needed a 6 o'clock nap. It was not WONDERFUL to sleep until 7:30.

Kyle did not just say, "you ready for pumpkin pie?" That does not translate as "you ready to get me a peice of pumpkin pie since you don't like it and it happens to be my favorite?"

I did not do any of these things.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

Aint he cute...he was so excited. I took this picture to get a shot of the perfectly plump pumkin.

Glowing Pumpkin watches real pumpkin get carved...fears for his life.

Glowing Pumpkin tries to take his own life (This story going down while Kyle works tirelessly...)

Just kidding, he just poses for the pictures after we intervene on Glowing Pumpkin's near tragedy.

The eyes are in place...

Finished Product! (Kyle named him Jack and I didn't protest though the name is clearly already taken.)

Kyle walked in this morning and said nonchalantly, "How's Jack?" And I said (after a moment of thought) "He's fine." Then we went about our business.

We took the light out of Glowing Pumpkin and put it in Real Pumpkin, and Kyle tried to take a bite out of the pumpkin top after I cut it out. He's so cute.

Quotes from the night:
While drawing how I might like to design the face..."Well that looks just like a horny toad and you don't want our pumpkin lookin like a horny toad do ya?" -Kyle
"(laughs laughs laughs) "What's a horny toad?" -Cara
"You know what a horny toad is. It's a toad with horns that can really getcha! If you're not careful..." -Kyle
"Woman, get your damn hand away from the knife!" -Kyle (I think he may have said this a few times. He only curses when knives are involved.)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

The "W" Word

Today I chatted with Leah about wedding stuff. Centerpieces and what have you...

Here is what I have so far. I got the idea from Instyle Weddings and couldnt find the picture on their website so I just took a horribly blurry picture of the article...whatever. Here it is.

So, a simple idea that could use some expanding...but I am very happy with the candlestick holders I have so far. They looked so pretty when they came out of the dishwasher :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

No Reason

I finally got frames for my pictures of Nolan...that would be his 3mo pictures...thank God, now that he's more than doubled that age. Anyway, I have my neice/nephew shelf all set up with my fave pictures of the kids. Thought I'd post a picture...

Then on a completely differnt note, I got all my cabbage patch dolls out after mom had me mail Gabby's birthday CP doll. It was so funny remembering the Christmas or Birthday that I got them and how I played with them. They all pretty much still had all the right clothes too!

Also on the random front, shockingly I found these "pony and puppy surprise" toys that Holly and I got for christmas in England. I can't believe all the puppies/horsies are still there! (The one horsie is missing due to Beau chewing it up as a puppy. But I am beyond proud of my child self for not losing the other two).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This has been a rough past two weeks. One weekend I was in the hospital and the next, Kyle's face was unrecognizable after his wisom teeth were ripped out by a Dentist using nothing but novacane for his SEVERLY impacted teeth. I have had such a hard time with the face thing because...I miss it. Is that wrong or sick or something? I love him just the same, but I miss kissing him and being able to hold his face in my hands when I'm talking to him. Here is my MOST FAVORITE and LEASTE FAVORITE pictures of Kyle. For obvious reasons, the poor thing.

This is my favorite picture of Kyle. I took it the first week we were dating. He was humoring me by holding still long enough and it turned out to be the best one.

Here is my leaste favorite picture. He took this the second day he was home from getting his teeth out. His cheeks felt like they were filled with acorns, all hard and very hot like they had fevers in them. The swelling is going down now and today is the first day I saw his cheek bones. Here comes a new's looking pretty bright!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Strange Friday

Yester day I skipped school. My first class is pretty skip-able, my second class was not in session because we have an online test and my third class I was going to have to miss anyway due to a Dr. appointment. Sooo I spend to morning wih Kyle because he finished his 8AM test in 6 minutes then high-tailed it over here for 4 hours of chillin before his next class. Then he came over after his other class to say goodbye. He drove 3 hours north to Savannah to get his wisdom teeth taken out by his Step-mom's dad. He owns his own practice and does his family's teeth for free if they're willing to drive up.

Kyle was very proud of his SEVERLY impacted wisdom teeth. He said, "My dentist said I have the deepest roots he's seen in 30 years!" I was very worried because this step-grandpa is not an oral surgeon which means there would be no anestesia...just morphine and novacain. Plus I have only gone two days without seeing Kyle since...forever so today is strange to say the least. He doesn't get any service up in the middle of nowhere so all I get are random texts including a gruesome picture of his swelled up face and "My jaw hurts. That last one didn't come out easy." yuck! So hopefully he'll come home tomorrow.

Tonight we're doing mom's birthday at Grandma's. They are making me a special dish since I can't have most of the stuff mom wants. (Goolash and Pumpkin Pie) I can't have any seedy veggies or anything raw including fruit and veggies. (especially tomatoes) so I will probably have...bread. I have lost almost ten pounds from this jello/sprite/bread diet. I should patent it. (JK the liquid diet was the pits!)

I have an online test as I mentioned...and you would think since it's online I can use the book and ace it, riiiiight? Wrong. I took the first section of it last night after about 3 hours of studying and BOMBED it. It was timed, 35 minutes for 22 questions and I blew it. American history before WWII is so boring to me. I don't care about...Cabeza De La Casas and Pocahontas' affair with John Rolfe (My teacher curses disney whenever we talk about her).

PS-last night I had a wedding dream. (thanks to the office and the magazine mom bought me when I was in the hospital which i looked at until i fell asleep) It was in our church in Japan and I was sitting in the side aisle crying because dad wouldn't play the song I wanted to walk down the aisle to. I called him a meany when he said "in ten years this won't matter!" I guess that's true...that's what I was thinking when Pam's veil ripped. oooh and I loved the dancing wedding. so fun!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend wrap-up-Warning, unless your last name used to be Marsh, you may find this oddly boring and strangely touching. Sisters, read on.

Friday was the morning from down under (not the one with kangaroos and dingo babies). 4:30 am...wake up having a nightmare about the paper I have due monday. In my dream, no one will listen to me when I say I have a stomach ache and they all just keep yelling about how we're all going to fail this paper. When I wake up everything's real except the people. I AM freaking out about the paper and my stomach is KILLING me. I lay in bed, go to the bathroom then decide to lay on the bathroom floor moaning with a heating pad on. After an hour and a half I crawl into mom's room (my word she's a deep sleeper!) I cry and cry and she gives me pills that make me feel better by 7:30. I watch 20 minutes of a disney movie then go back to sleep til noon. Then the fun happens. I notice blood where it shouldn't be. I am calm and go to where I am made less calm when it tells me to put down the darn computer and get to the hospital. I wait until 8pm when mom and dad are at a football game with friends and I see MORE blood. I leave it there so mom can look and call her crying. She and dad race home and find me in a ball on my floor. (I had been looking for my wallet under my bed and couldnt get up). Mom checks the blood and says "omygoshomygoshomygosh" amidst my cries and dad's silent preparations. With backpacks in tow we drove to the hostpital. I couldn't believe how alone I felt without Kyle. He was in Orlando spending the weekend with his dad. He called when we were on the way and I told him and he came straight over. By the time he got to the hospital I had a bed in the ER and was about to be checked. The pain was AWFUL. I have never felt this way. I cried when anyone touched me. Mom, Dad and Kyle took turns because only two people were allowed in the room with me at a time. Kyle was always there and it was just mom and dad switching. By 1am I had a catscan and an IV and some pretty good drugs. I was very talkative and boisterous. Dad seemed very confused and Kyle and mom just laughed at me. I distinctly remember playing with Kyle's nose, but that's all the detail.

Saturday: We'll switch days now even Friday is not technically over. By 5am, mom and dad went home and Kyle and I were shown up to the room. (actually i dont remember going to the room). We slept about 2 hours each and watched movies and napped all day. His grandma came to visit bringing me books. Mom brought me like, 10 magazines and a glowing pumpkin to decorate my room. It was so nice having sweet Kyle at arms' length all the time. For 72 straight hours he was telling me I was beautiful and kissing my super pale cheeks and bought me flowers. When he walked in with the flowers I thought he was just going down to the car. The instant he walked in with a big smile on his face proudly holding out the flowers I said, "I need to puke!" And to that he said, "aww, poor baby...look what I..." I interrupted, "GIVE ME THAT TRASH CAN!" I promise I thanked him later :)

Sunday: Sunday was better. Kyle and I went to be around 11 and slept straight until 6 with no interruptions. Then we slept between nurses until 930. His grandma and aunt came again and everyone stared at me for a good 15 minutes before (thank God) they left and I was not being gauked at. They said I could go home since there was no more blood but if I wanted, I could stay. Honestly, I should have stayed. I was getting this wonderful pain medicine that knocked me out and made me loopy and here at home it is far more painful. Plus with food in front of me it's harder to maintain my sanity. I cried when mom brought home friend chicken for dad and Kyle. Cried. That's the actual correct spelling for pathetic.

I learned a lot about love this weekend. Mom and Dad were so worried I could FEEL it. Kyle never grimmaced when doctors were talking about stuff I would have rather NEVER told him. But love is more than butterflies and expensive dates. He held back my piggy tales when I was puking up potassium and brushed my hair after I washed it out. He let me take this picture of him with these glasses I found at work and had in my purse. When we got home he told me I smelled like hospital and let me sneak a mike&ike candy when mom wasn't looking, as long as I promised to just enjoy the flavor and promptly spit it out, which I did. Tomorrow, more drugs, doctors and...disney movies when I get home? yes. Sorry this is so freakishly long. The phone is not my friend this weekend. So I will tell you now.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

You know it's a good weekend when...

Like all good things, this weekend has come to an end. In ten minutes it will be Monday. I will check my school e-mail account, check my grades for the classes I don't like and study for a test I would just as soon not take, if given the choice.

However, looking back, I knew this moment would come. Like today, when Kyle tried to talk to me about school and some test or whatever...I said, "shhh, it's still the weekend for 9 more hours." I win.

Friday did not count as a weekend. I had from the time I wok up until midnight to write a 4.5 page essay on how native americans were affected by colonization and how europeans were affected as well....wake up, I promise not to mention school work anymore. I finished it by ten, not before taking a two hour break to make dinner (pizza rolls and mozarella sticks) for Kyle and I and played with my cabbage patch dolls.

Saturday I ran a bunch of errands for mother...namley mailing an ungodly surplus of packages to Abilene, TX. I looked like some cartoon character at christmas time. Five boxes stacked, teatering as I made my way into the post office. Post offce workers, I have gathered, are the rudest more begrudging people. eck.Took a nap and when Kyle tried to wake me up I rolled over and elbowed him in the eye. He then took a picture which makes it look terribly awful and wayyy worse than it acutally was. It is fine today.

I then spent the day with Kyle until I had to work at 6. He took my car home and detailed it (inside and out!) then returned it to me saying, "sorry if the headlights are still a little foggy, I'll fix them tomorrow." Pah, what a sweet!

Good money at work, however I could not sleep due to lack of company in spacious/creeky house. I was up until four and awoken at 8:30 by hungry lab. I was not perturbed, however. I went back to sleep and woke up for church with Kyle then a long day of beach, The Office Season 1 and Taken. (the very first and only movie that Kyle and I have every fully watched outside of movie theaters.) Grossly dissapointed in the ending. How Kim was all, "thanks for saving me from human trafficing, dad, I'll call ya later! Oh, hey mom, sweet one-shoulder sweater-blouse! Isn't the same one you were wearing the day you sent me off to my drug-indused doom?"

You know it's a good weekend cry when it's over.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

There are times when reverting back to childhood sounds all too tempting. When stress is getting the best of us, we like to remember the simplicity of childhood. Here are the top ten things I would rather be doing.
10. Watching Arthur. That silly Aardvark taught me how to spell "aardvark" and kept me entertained after school for years. HERE it is for you forgetful or too old ones.
9. Eating baked goods. I always had some kind of cookies or cake after school to ease the pain of third grade spelling or fifth grade arithmatic.
8. Arranging my stuffed animals. I often came home to a perfectly clean room. (thanks to homeschooled-holly and her boredom) Some of my greatest memories are of coming home and mom and holly had painted my bedroom or the time they set up my very own desk or bought me a new comforter. I would then spend extra time arranging my toys perfectly in their new habitat.
7. Riding my bike. I loved playing outside in the cool fall air in Nebraska in the evenings...then coming inside to watch #6.
6. Watching Fresh Prince. This was a pre-dinner tradition. All three of us girls loved it and Leah and I would practice reciting (spittin') the theme song.
5. Packing my lunch in my Winnie the Pooh lunchbox. I loved packing myself a delicious medley of peanutbutter sandwich with homemade cookies, a thermos full of kool-aid and maybe some yummy fruit snacks. And sometime mom would write me napkin love notes. ahhh, those were the days.
4. Having my hair done each morning. Every morning Holly and I would pick out our bows and barrettes from "the bucket" and line up for hair duty. I often opted for the two braids and Holly often loved the "poof bang" look.
3. The bell. As a kid there were only two bells. Beginning of the day, and end of the day. And I always got so excited at the end of the day. Mom would be waiting outside in the Plymouth and Holly and I would meet and walk back together in our matching blue and pink spring jackets or our hornets winter coats. (bleck)
2. Taking Baths. Ahhhh, I took baths and only baths until I was 11. Now a bath is like, weird and random and only when I'm sick or depressed. And I ALWAYS take a shower first.
1. Watching the disney channel. I could spend all evening watch Disney Channel Original movies and I always looked forward to the Friday night premiers.

Overall, I think I will definately have to take part in some good old fashioned cookie-eating and reminiscing with Holly when I get home.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

It is only 11:09 am and I already can think of 10 things that I have melted down about today. Whenever I have a melt-down, I hone in on certain aspects of myself that are just utterly abomanable and come to near tears over them. In my most recent (10 mintues ago) meltdown over the fact that I forgot my transcripts in my car, I then poured out my self-pity sorrow on the nearest ear.
10. My weight. "Not only am I a forgetful whore, I look fat and frumpy today in my maternity shirt."
9. My face. "I am so forgetful that I fogot to bring makeup to school, now I am sweaty and melting and look afright."
8. My sleep. "Now I will never be able to sleep more than 6 hours a night because I will be so busy remembering not to FORGET anything else."
7. My overall intelligence. "I am so dense. I cannot believe how stupid I am in forgetting those transcripts. I will fail college undoubtedly."
6. My relationships. "I am sorry that I am such a weirdo complainer and I understand if you would rather ignore me for the rest of the day."
5. My sanity. "Maybe I should go to therapy this week. I think I am falling apart."
4. My future. "Today is not just any Tuesday. It is the Tuesday that could ruin my future if I dont get my act together and start being a better student."
3. My commitments. "I might have to quit college because my hair is going to start falling out."
~3a. My hair. "Not only am I as forgetful as one, I have the hair like one. I was running out of hairspray this morning and now I am a frizz!"
2. My grades. "My grades are going to suffer because I am too stressed to study so now I must blog."
1. My Precipitation. "I have to calm down now or am I going to start sweating. And if I start sweating then I will look disgusting and smell. Now I might cry. I have to get off the phone now or I might start crying."

Meltdowns are a common but rare side effect of journalism school and you should not take them if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. Common side effects include crying, whining, pity parties and self-loathing.

I am fine now. Plus I took this funny picture in the library moments ago, in honor of The Office starting on Thursday.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

Today is Monday.
I did NOT do a lot of things.

I did not eat an extra bowl of cocoa pebbles with the reasoning, "I am sad because the weekend is over and I hate Monday." More generic cocoa pebbles for me!( i think these are called chocoalate gravel or something unimaginative).

I did not waste 15 minutes this morning trying to take the perfect picture of my hairdo.

I did night drive 20 minutes in the opposite direction of school to go visit Kyle at BCC for 15 minutes.

I did not have a serious self-debate about wether or not I should entitle my newspaper article about parking lot f, "WTF"

I did not seriously consider skipping the gym. To which my man did not argue that I should just wait until tomorrow. To which I then did NOT win the arguement with, "either I cook you dinner tomorrow or go to the gym tomorrow. Pick"

I did not NOT wear deoderant to the gym then make myself leave early because I was NOT afraid that I smelled.

Some Texan is NOT reading over my shoulder and is definately NOT repulsed by that last one.

I did not beg Kyle to plug the camera in to this archaic computer so I could post a picture. The USB port is not in the far back of the computer. He did not do a lovely Aussie Crocodile hunter accent as he burrowed underneath the desk.

I do not think I love him.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For Posterity

Today I found out that my financial aid has not "posted" yet. I paid $200 and hope the other $1700 will soon be "posted" by my financial aid friends.

Today I found out that I am not actually accepted into UCF because I never handed in my transcripts...gotta get on that.

Today I found out that I am NOT the only one who feels like a failure in News Reporting class. EVERYONE is a failure. PHEW!

Today I had a 2 hour class to attend and somehow spent 6 hours at school. Sick.

Today I had to be at work 20 minutes after I arrived home from Orlando. I hate driving.

Today I looked at a REALLY nice apartment but cannot bring myself to peace about one.
God, bring me a peace.

Today, I just realized, I forgot to get off work when Holly is here. Grrrr.

Today, I have to be out the door to school in 7 hours and I have not begun my readings for tomorrow's possible quiz.

This blog is for posterity. When I say to myself, "What was my first semester at UCF like?"

It was just like this...(lkdfjiojgilnfijsine<3lkfnasgifng<3lksfa)

Sort of like climbing a mountain? It sucks on the way up, then once you reach your potential it's all downhill. And at the bottom, what you've always wanted...and the greatest feeling of accomplishment. I'm on the way up.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top Ten Texas Tuesday

Hey, Ya'll. I got the idea to do a top ten tuesday last week but as a true testiment to the fact that NEVER get anything done with Kyle around...I am doing it today. So here it is; the top ten things that he says that make me a hot Texas summer popsicle on the fourth of July kind of way.

10) "All riled up" He says this whenever I get tempermental or hyper. Use: "Don't get all riled up now, Cara Joy."
9) "Beastie" This is an "Azle" word (the town he's from) that means, awesome. Use: "I like that shirt, it's beastie." Side note: he hasn't used this word since I laughed at him when he said it when we were first dating. :(
8)"Healthy as an ox" Last night Kyle said my eyes looked like I was getting sick...then he took my face in his hands and ever-so-lovingly whispered, "but you're as healthy as an ox." bahahahahaha (I held it in, I swear)he was just so serious.
7)"Ready" (pronounced red-eye) Use: "Are you red-eye?"
6)"My Lady" The other night I don't even remember what we were saying but he said, "Well, of course. I've gotta take care of my lady."
5)"Missy Tight Pants" This is one that he adamently denies using. I was getting an attitude, of course. And this is what came out. "Alright, Missy Tight pants just wait one minute!"
4)"Oh, Honey" He says this a lot for no reason. Just because.
3)Yesterday I was gonna meet his dad at our Labor Day barbeque so as a surprise Kyle took me to get my nails done. He sat next to me and watched in awe the whole time like a sweet boy then said, "Now you don't need to go breaking those pretty nails so when we get home dont do anything hard. Just ask me." so funny when he's serious.
2)Whispers "Yeaaaah" whenever a big loud pickup truck drives by. He had an old-fixer uper at home. glad that's where it stayed :)
1)One particular day, we took his car because it was raining and as we pulled up to the driveway he stopped short and hopped out. He got down on his belly in the driveway and started sniffing some gunk on the ground apparently left by his car...I leaned out the window and said, "what's wrong?" he sniffed and said, "exactly what I thought." whaaaaaa? shock, awe and heart-pounding adorability that reminded me so much of THIS that I could not get enough. He's such a boy.

After our sunrise bikeride to the inlet Labor Day Morning. He's such an early riser!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catch a falling star and put it in you pocket...sing that song all day today. I dare you not to have a better day!

Have you ever written a WHOLE PAGE blog about you day, week, random moments...then felt absolutely nothing when you delete the whole thing without publishing? I just did it. I have done it inumerable times. So I left the desktop and came to my laptop to say what I really meant to say but didn't and ended up deleting.

~I was so nervous about handing in my first assignment to news reporting class that I re-printed it in 3 different fashions changing font and spacing each time. (the assignment was to write one sentence based on a story. the sentence was to make anyone want to read the story. One sentence. So many times.)

~Friday Kyle's grandma taught me how to make Salmon steaks on the grill with butter and lemon. I had asparagus and artichokes and loved them. I had red potatoes and REAL fresh fruit salad in a poppyseed dressing with hot brownie sundaes for dessert. I sang a song for her on an old guitar they had sitting around and she said to Kyle, "Your dad is going to fall in love with her." It was an enchanting evening.

~ I am sad that the weekend is over.

~My best friend, Cybill left for college last week and I miss her so much. We talk EVERY day on the phone, text and facebook. I have talked to her on the phone 3 seperate times today.

~I cannot wait for cold weather.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Day for Pancakes

This morning I awoke from my 11 hours of slumber with a fresh outlook on Mondays. This Monday I start work on my Bachelor's degree. This Monday I start Journalism School. This Monday I start with News Reporting 101. This Monday, I am making pancakes.
My last day of summer was a sunny Sunday. I went out to lunch with two of my best friends, Heather and Dominique. Sushi. Then Heather and I went to see 500 Days of Summer and I invited my new friend Kyle. After the movie Kyle took me on the longest motorcycle ride of my life down a road on the river. Million dollar houses and the torrent river made for the perfect scenery. (Ok the river wasn't torrent but it was definately there). Then we went school supply shopping, he met the whole family (yes, including seth and adam) and he went on his way. Saturday my new roomate Sarah and I went apartment shopping and found a possible winner. We are going to look at one more and hopefully decided this week and move in next month. So much to think about, but today, just class. I am excited and nervous and anxious and hungry.

Good thing I made pancakes.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tribute to June

Movies I have seen this month(and the food eaten before, which is relevent, I swear):

The Proposal-Sushi: Funny, Stressful cuz Sandra Bullok is such a major meanie.

The Hangover-Panera Bread: Fuuuuuuuuuunny. Perfect LOL movie. Hilarious. Just...Yes.

My Sister's Keeper-Dairy Queen Blizzard: You've heard of tear-jerkers? This one pulls the tears from your eyes and throws them back at you, causing more sobbing and sniffling to ensue.
It wasn't so bad, really.
I liked it.

Someone asked for my number at a gas station. He was nice and handsome, but far too short for I said, "I don't give my number out at gas stations...but I'll definately see you around." ?! He was nice and said, "Alright then, see ya."
Someone asked for my number at work and I said, "I'm not aloud to give my number out at work." (Lie) He was less kind. "Why?" "You're single, you told me. Mike won't mind." Mike is my manager, who, up to this point, has been my excuse to say no to people wanting my number. But this guy actually was a friend of Mike's and knew that I was lying. So embarassing.

Today I went out to eat with a friend and our waitress brought us bread and our drinks then never came back. Another waitress, older, scarier Sherri came up and said, "Was your waitress the pregnant blonde girl?" We shook out heads, "yes?" Then Sherri said "she left without telling anyone." We said "Well that's ok, we didn't wait too long." Then Sherri said, "No. It's not fine. I'm gonna beat the crap out of her. I am not kidding." Then we said, "the pregnant girl? no, it's ok." Sherri said, "No...I'd be happy to do it. So what would you like to order?"

I hope that pregnant girl's baby kicks Sherri right in the face for threatening to beat up a pregnant girl. So there.

If I hear Michael Jackson's "Beat it" on the radio one more time, I'm going to kill him...wait...haha I am sorry. I am. Sorry.

I bought boogy boards!
After the beach I was STARVING and went to subway to order some lunch. I said, "Do you have seafood here? (Because I have it on good authority that the Cocoa Beach subways are the only ones with seafood.) The sandwhich technician looked at me very seriously and said, "Don't you mean, Seafood Sensation?!" Oh my. Yes, of course.

I saw LL Cool J in concert and got yelled at for dancing with an MIB employee. But don't feel sorry for me. While dancing, some guy came up to my friend Heather and tried to hold her hand. She was far too distracted to care so he retreated back to his mid-forties group of cronies. Soooo funny. Still can't get the MIB theme song outta my gets mad whenever I sing it. "Here come the Men in Black...hehe"

I saw a maserati up-close and personal at the VIP parking valet at Universal. So many nice cars there! Talked to the valet boys about the crazy things they find in rich peoples' cars.

Went to Margaritaville and ate for free! Danced in front of the stage with a group of girls on vacation from London to work off all the free food! They were so cute!

All for now. What a long month. I'm tired just talking about it!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Holy Coloquialisms!

After 4 drafts of my essay for admission in journalism school, I am happy. Now I am awaiting a reply from my adviser to read my clippings from previous years of school. I will mail it out tomorrow and pray that things go as God has planned. I am going to sleep until it is time to go to the movies. I am exhausted in my mind. zzzzz.
Here is the finished product...almost finished. I can promise my obsession and about 6 more re-checks before I seal, unseal, re-read and finally send out the envelope. ;(

The thing that most fascinated me about the writers I studied in my college English courses was the brief synopsis of each one’s life and achievements. Though many of the facts about each author’s education held similarities; namely, journalism degrees, the differences were in what each author chose to accomplish with such a degree. I was inspired by the possibilities afforded to such writers to deliver information to the world through so many different venues. Most wrote for news magazines and newspapers while many would go on to be reporters, biographers, essayists and novelists.
I am drawn to journalism by the possibilities its degree holds for those, like me, passionate about the written word. I am committed to learning and putting to use each facet of the dynamic subject of journalism that distributes crucial news and factual evidence to its recipients. I believe that with a degree in journalism, I will be able to reach readers by informing them of the pertinent impact of reality in current events. Rather than regurgitate a strand of insipid facts through a source, the science of journalism will give me the tools to write with accurate substance, flavor and concrete detail. Reporting the truth and writing the news based on precision and genuine passion for proof is the importance of news writing that I want to learn more about.
As a member of my high school literary magazine, I worked as an editor of submissions. In college, I have submitted articles to the campus newspaper and participated in Writers Circle meetings. I am a member and scholarship recipient of Phi Theta Kappa and have maintained Honors and President’s list for excellent achievement in my two years as a college student. If given the opportunity, I am ready to continue to work diligently toward a degree in journalism.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday Blake came over and we were sitting on the back porch. Well, I was sitting and he was hanging upside down on dad's back-stretching apparatus. And he said, very seriously, "Hey, where that other cat of yours? Patches, or...teaspoon or whatever her name was?" I about died. Teaspoon? Yeah, his excuse was "I knew it was something weird."

I have been taking pictures of her enjoying her new home for Holly to see and I finally got the one I had been trying to get so now I can share!
The places she likes to sleep...

Wanting to come in from lounging on the porch with Emmitt.
This was so funny. Making Brinkley wait her turn for water.
Taking her time...
They get along so well these days!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday in Spanish~Jueves en Espanol

I googled Thursday and one of the suggestions was "Thursday in Spanish" so I will tell you about my day in Spanish.

Hoy, Yo voy a la Dunkin Donuts con mi amiga, Heather Jackson. Ella es aqui de la Universidad para una vacaciones de trabajo y trabajar de escuela. Nosotros hablamos en los amigos de anos detras y yo como un donut y latte. Bastante para hoy. Yo soy muy cansada.

There. I doubt the verb conjugations are right but you get the hint. That's 4 years of Spanish for ya! Anyone get what I did today?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

It's technically Wednesday now, but I work late. Sue me. (I've never written "sue me" before and it looks

Top Ten Tuesday

I am reading a Jodi Picoult book called "Plain Truth" about an Amish girl accused of murder. (thanks diane for the suggestion) So I decided to do top ten things that would be hardest to get used to if I were to convert to Amish...ism.

10. Music, or lack thereof. No iPod, no music channel during Sunday lazy days. No background noise while cleaning.

9. Clothes/ Modesty. Not being able to get tan arms and legs and constantly wearing an apron and a bonnet. This includes make-up and hair that I would never be able to spice-up. The men wear suspenders all the time, though, which is cute.

8. Speaking German half the time. Duh.

7. The food. Constantly having to cook everything from scratch, never being able to dine out or just eat cookies for dinner with a side of delicious carbonated drinks.

6. Facial hair. Not my own, of course. But the Men. I don't like beards.

5. Buggies. No cars to speed away in, with air conditioning and stereo (see #10). No way of getting to town at faster than 12 mph.

4. Shunning/The Bann. If a family member decides to stray from the Amish faith, he is not aloud to ride in a car/buggy with his family members, eat at the same table with, or enter the family's house again.

3. Education. Boys usually go to school until 8th grade and I don't even know if the girls can go for that long.

2. Silence. No electricity in the house would make for the quietest nights. I think of the nights when we would be snowed-in during Nebraska winters with no electricity. The nights were so silent it felt like the silence was this thick cloud seeping into your and clogging your brain. (maybe that's just me). No air conditioning,

1. Social Life and attention from outsiders. Being treated as a spectical while trying to be detached from the world. It must be a challenge.

I think Amish culture is super interesting and one of the most interesting things about American culture! I know Holly shares this interest...and the need for a fan to sleep at night!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

One More Down

Just finished my second book of the summer. It is called Good in bed and I can tell you the only reason it is called that is that Cannie breaks up with her boyfriend who goes on to write monthly columns in a women's magazine entitled "Good in Bed" all about her and their relationship. Starting with, "Loving a larger Woman". It is humiliating and shocking for her and is the start for a whirlwind crazy turn of events for her and I loved this book. A definate light-hearted beach read. By Jennifer Weiner.

There was one part near the end where she talks about why she loves the name Leah that I liked and reminded me of Leah, for obvious reasons and I wanted to quote it in hopes that it makes you want to read this book.

"Leah, the second sister, the one Jacob didn't want to marry. Leah, the trick bride, the one her father sent down the aisle in disguise. I bet Leah had a more interesting life anyhow, I wispered. I bet Leah went on hiking trips with her girlfriends and had popcorn and Margaritas for dinner, if that's what she wanted. I'll bet she went swimming naked and slept under the stars. Rachel probably bought Celine Deon CDs and those Franklin Mint Collectable plates. Rachel was probably boring, even to herself."

I wish tomorrow was Monday so that I could go rent another book from the library. However, that would also mean work. So, I'll wait.

Just edited this pic of me and my little buddy. Can't wait to see Steven, Gabby and #3 in August! I love being an aunt to such perfect little people!

A photograph is a most important document, and there is nothing more damning to go down to posterity than a silly, foolish smile caught and fixed forever.
~Mark Twain