Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

Today is Monday.
I did NOT do a lot of things.

I did not eat an extra bowl of cocoa pebbles with the reasoning, "I am sad because the weekend is over and I hate Monday." More generic cocoa pebbles for me!( i think these are called chocoalate gravel or something unimaginative).

I did not waste 15 minutes this morning trying to take the perfect picture of my hairdo.

I did night drive 20 minutes in the opposite direction of school to go visit Kyle at BCC for 15 minutes.

I did not have a serious self-debate about wether or not I should entitle my newspaper article about parking lot f, "WTF"

I did not seriously consider skipping the gym. To which my man did not argue that I should just wait until tomorrow. To which I then did NOT win the arguement with, "either I cook you dinner tomorrow or go to the gym tomorrow. Pick"

I did not NOT wear deoderant to the gym then make myself leave early because I was NOT afraid that I smelled.

Some Texan is NOT reading over my shoulder and is definately NOT repulsed by that last one.

I did not beg Kyle to plug the camera in to this archaic computer so I could post a picture. The USB port is not in the far back of the computer. He did not do a lovely Aussie Crocodile hunter accent as he burrowed underneath the desk.

I do not think I love him.


The Kopers said...

chocolate gravel sounds yummy!

Cara Joy said...

It's a personal fave