Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

There are times when reverting back to childhood sounds all too tempting. When stress is getting the best of us, we like to remember the simplicity of childhood. Here are the top ten things I would rather be doing.
10. Watching Arthur. That silly Aardvark taught me how to spell "aardvark" and kept me entertained after school for years. HERE it is for you forgetful or too old ones.
9. Eating baked goods. I always had some kind of cookies or cake after school to ease the pain of third grade spelling or fifth grade arithmatic.
8. Arranging my stuffed animals. I often came home to a perfectly clean room. (thanks to homeschooled-holly and her boredom) Some of my greatest memories are of coming home and mom and holly had painted my bedroom or the time they set up my very own desk or bought me a new comforter. I would then spend extra time arranging my toys perfectly in their new habitat.
7. Riding my bike. I loved playing outside in the cool fall air in Nebraska in the evenings...then coming inside to watch #6.
6. Watching Fresh Prince. This was a pre-dinner tradition. All three of us girls loved it and Leah and I would practice reciting (spittin') the theme song.
5. Packing my lunch in my Winnie the Pooh lunchbox. I loved packing myself a delicious medley of peanutbutter sandwich with homemade cookies, a thermos full of kool-aid and maybe some yummy fruit snacks. And sometime mom would write me napkin love notes. ahhh, those were the days.
4. Having my hair done each morning. Every morning Holly and I would pick out our bows and barrettes from "the bucket" and line up for hair duty. I often opted for the two braids and Holly often loved the "poof bang" look.
3. The bell. As a kid there were only two bells. Beginning of the day, and end of the day. And I always got so excited at the end of the day. Mom would be waiting outside in the Plymouth and Holly and I would meet and walk back together in our matching blue and pink spring jackets or our hornets winter coats. (bleck)
2. Taking Baths. Ahhhh, I took baths and only baths until I was 11. Now a bath is like, weird and random and only when I'm sick or depressed. And I ALWAYS take a shower first.
1. Watching the disney channel. I could spend all evening watch Disney Channel Original movies and I always looked forward to the Friday night premiers.

Overall, I think I will definately have to take part in some good old fashioned cookie-eating and reminiscing with Holly when I get home.


The Kopers said...

Those are awesome memories:)Thank you.

Diane (and Baby Taylor) said...

Your memories reminded me of how young we all were in Nebraska! Happy memories...and I can clearly remember the Plymouth, also reciting the Fresh Prince intro with Leah, your double braids, and your hornets coat! :o)