Monday, March 28, 2011

I had already poured the milk...

Today was one of those Mondays that make people hate Mondays. Maybe if every Monday was sunny yet cool and everyone got a paid vactaion from work and babies didn't cry and keys didn't disappear at the worst possible moment, maybe then Mondays wouldn't get such a bad rap.

But today was a Monday you hope to live to tell about.

This weekend we house-sat for mom and dad while they were on a youth retreat. Sunday night at 10 o'clock I checked my school email to find a brand new email sent 20 minutes prior from the professor of my Monday morning class. It said, "Be sure to do the reading, we may have a quiz." (That means there will be a quiz without a doubt). Realizing that I had left the necessary book at my apartment, I resolved to wake up half and hour early and go to my apartment to get it, do the reading and be on time to ace my quiz. But Monday had other plans. I stayed up too late because I was wired from the weekend. Kyle woke me up at 7:30 and again at 8:30 to chat, and I was an angry monster when I woke up. I couldn't find a shirt to wear amidst the mess of our poor packing skills. And it was raining. I got into my car to go to my apartment. When I pulled into my apartment and pulled out my keys, I noticed my key ring was broken and one of my house keys had fallen off. I emptied my purse hoping it had fallen off in there. No such luck. Thankfully Kyle showed up 20 minutes later to get his truck so he could load up all of the clean laundry and food we had left at mom and dad's. But now I had no time to do the reading. When I got into the apartment, the book was nowhere to be found. We searched everywhere and I cried out of frustration.
"This is the worst Monday ever!" I cried into Kyle's shoulder.
"Sh*t happens, Boo," he said, lovingly. "Your teacher will understand that you had a rough morning and can't take the quiz."
"I don't want her to think I'm a bad student. The quiz is only worth 5 points but it's the principle."
So, I drove to school and about 10 minutes out of town I got a call from Kyle.
"Hey, I found your book. It's here on your dad's desk."
Great. It was at my parents' house the whole time. Wow. Hello, Monday.
School went decently. Oh, except that I walked in flipflops through the puddles and spent 20 minutes meandering through the parking garage trying to remember where I parked. I got 3/5 points on the quiz, which isn't terrible considering I am an A student otherwise. But when I got home from school is when the crap started again.
"The building manager said we've been having power surges and there's nothing they can do to stop them. That's why our milk went bad early last week and my alarm clock keeps unsetting itself," Kyle told me as I walked in the door, soaking wet from having forgotten my umbrella.
I tried to make a grilled-cheese sandwich, but the stove was having so many surges, that it took 20 minutes of grilling it on high to get the bread slightly browned. And another gallon of milk had gone bad over the weekend. Thankfully it was only partially filled. Oh, and I bought yogurt on the way home. Yummy. That'll rot in a few hours.
"Oh, and the internet is down do to the surges, so you can't do any homework," Kyle says.
Wow. I called mom and dad to ask if we could stay at their house until the power was back on but it came back on after a little while and I was appeased.
I guess the day rounded itself out when I fell asleep and missed the delicious salmon Kyle made so I resorted to the last bowl of Golden Grahams. As I poured the milk, I reached into the drawer for a spoon. No spoons. By the time I wash a spoon, the cereal will be soggy. Then there will be no more Grahams and I will have to eat generic cheerios (Honey spooners).
"There are no spoons?" I asked.
"Not if you didn't do the dishes."
"Why is it only me who can do dishes?"
"It's not. It's just, you didn't wash any, so there are no spoons."

Thankfully Kyle bought me a slice of Pizza at our fave pizza place then we snuck it into a movie that was very funny. (Paul, the one about the alien) Now Kyle's sleeping, I'm doing homework that I put off because the day was so horrible I didn't want to make it worse by having to think, and I am very glad that today is over.

Oh, and the printer is out of ink so I can't print out my assignment that makes up 75% of my final grade. Yippeeee!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Night We Were Babysitters

Every time I tried to upload pictures from Christmas onto Facebook, the uploader would take hours then freeze up and quit. But now it's the last night of Spring Break 2011 and probably the last quiet moment I'll have for a while and I'm putting them up. But here are a few from the night we babysat while the Koper sisters went on a double-date.

Nolan spend the entire time watching our movie and bowling in the hallway, also he almost fell asleep in Grammy's arms. I guess all those pictures are on mom's camera. But here are the ones that we got.

Here's Jack eating what was supposed to be Nolan's dinner, but we tried with little avail to get Nolan to eat lots of things in his food group. But Jack was willing to help!

Here I found Gabby and Jack laying down with uncle Kyle. Before they saw the camera, they were both sucking their thumbs and Kyle was chatting with them.

Here we are trying to take piggy-back pictures, but uncle Kyle isn't at his best.

This one turned out nicely.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Peninsula Island

Today is the first day of Spring Break for me (Kyle's isn't unti the end of the month) and I can't help thinking about the fact that I would usually be going to visit Holly this week. Last year I didn't because she was coming down in May for my wedding and she came down with Nolan in the spring, so I didn't feel like I was missing out.

But this year, with graduation coming up and the natural expenditures of wedded bliss, I am unable to convince Kyle that it is important for me to go to Texas this week. And though I am very happy for the week off, I do miss the times where I hardly spent my money on anything other than plane tickets to visit my sisters. There was Spring Break, Summer Vacation, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We had some really awesome times, my sisters and I, when I would come out to visit flying solo. I hope those days aren't over yet. Maybe next Spring depending on what job I have, I can come visit everyone.

Just feeling cooped up lately. This town is so small, and I live on a peninsula that feels more like an island. Maybe it really is breaking off from the continental US and floating out into the Atlantic. And no one has noticed yet. Well, I have.