Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Here are the top ten things that Kyle and I talk about A LOT.

10. Math. Kyle's math class is hard for him, but he's getting a B, so I don't see the big need to talk about what grade he'll get if he gets a 16% on his final. We.Spend.Hours.
9. Food. We are only at the apartment Monday-Thursday, then we stay at mom and dad's Friday-Sunday. So food is really difficult to keep around (not spoil) at the condo. We are constantly like, "hurry up and eat that pudding, it's almost the weekend!"
8. Working out. Kyle really wants to get buff again, but has no time to work out. He's lost about 15 pounds since we met because he used to be on a high-calorie diet but we can't afford it anymore. Plus he has a job now and doesn't have time to eat and pump iron 24/7. So we always have this convo-"If you didn't know me, how would you rate my arm size?" "If I didn't know you, I wouldn't care." "Cara Joy, this is serious." ugh.
7. Wedding stuff. I just would rather keep it all in my head than talk about it. Too stressful.
6. Tank Tank Tank. Tank is a new guy at Kyle's work. And he's big, black and sassy. I won't say I hear about him too much, but Kyle really thinks he is hilarious so I always get a good Tank story in the evenings. "Tank was really jealous of that sandwich you made me with the bacon. His girlfriend likes bacon. Did you know you can buy bacon with foodstamps?"
5. Bikes. This really happened-Kyle saw a boy on a nice pink beach cruiser. So he yelled out his window, "Hey, I'll give you $100 for that bike!" The kid responds, "But how will I get home?" Kyle says, "Oh, I'll drive you home, man!" Kid says, "I can't ride with strangers." Kyle realizes the kid is probably younger than he looks and drives away feeling like a creep.
4. Jewelry. Kyle insists that we need to send in my ring to have it attached to the wedding bands and re-dipped. But I don't wanna be without it for so long. We also bought his ring on Sunday. It took about 30 seconds.

It's tungsten. Never scratches (that is a weird word to spell) or bends and if your finger swells up, they have to freeze it a shatter it with a hammer to get it off. Very hard core. Weighs a lot too. I don't prefer the black, but it's his ring.
3. Married life. The other day I told kyle to put on his wedding ring and pretend to be married so I could see what it would look like. So he put on an impromptu skit grabbing a glass off my dresser. "Yeah, my wife's gonna kill me if I keep doing these guys night out at the bars. Especially when she finds out it's a titty bar. Yeah, I gotta get my son to football practice. And my pain in the neck daughter spends all my money." I was like, "Never do that again."
3. Addresses. I lost all of the addresses I got when I sent out my save the dates. So now I am starting all over. It made Kyle very mad to have to call everyone again. hehehe
2. Fishing. Enough said.
1. Babies. The other day I ordered Kyle a credit card on my account so he can pay bills online and I don't have to do it all. I gave him clues to guess what it was. This is what he came up with after putting all the clues together. "Ok, it's valuable, but free. And someone could try and take it from me...A baby!" "Kyle, You forgot the clue about it coming in 4-6 business days..."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not have to hand wash a pair of boxers and a pair of work socks for Kyle. Because we definately do know how to use our weird washer at the apartment. And we definately don't use mom and dad's washer to wash all of his clothes. We didn't have too much fun this weekend to remember to do laundry.

Kyle was not passed out cold by 10:30. I did not spend all day sick at school just wanting to spend time with him to only get an hour of seeing him awake. I am not ready for school to be over.

I did not just realize I forgot to bring his dirty laundry home tonight. I do not suck.

I did not just finish Emma by listening to it on cassett tape in my car. I read the whole book. I did not feel a twinge of anticipation every time I got in my car, wondering what would happen next.

I did not go an ENTIRE 2 weeks without the radio. I am not impressed. When the tape was over, I did not continue-and still don't continue-to get in my car thinking of how excited I am to listen to my story, only to find that I already finished it.

I did not LOVE the reader's voice. I did not think to myself, "she sounds young, and pretty. I bet her friends are jealous of her awsome job. I bet she lives in London and is super cool."

I did not pack all of this in Kyle's lunch.
~PeanutButter and Honey sandwich
~Turkey, bacon and cheese sandwich
~Baby carrots and celery with ranch dressing
~Fruit roll up
~Three whole wheat easter egg M&M cookies-fresh from the oven
~Pudding cup
~Whole Wheat Cheeze-its
~Peanut-butter crackers
~Lemon Bar
~Bottle of lime-aid
~Bottle of water
I am not worried that he'll still be hungry. Because he won't be.
I do not feel guilty for loving Rhianna's new song-Rude Boy.
Even my friends at school were not like, "that song is bad, I miss when she was innocent."
I was not quietly humming it to myself. It is not a horrible song that does not get my toe tapping.
I did not have a group project meeting that began with us laughing at how the professor wears cat sweaters followed by EVERY SINGLE person NOT taking out their phones and passing around pictures of their cats and not telling cute stories about our cats.
Last night at dinner I did not say to Kyle, "If you want to order salmon, you need to say it right. Don't pronounce the L." To which he did not reply snidely--"I have always pronounced it SALLLmon."

Cute Baby Kyle--just thought I'd share cuz his stepmom gave me a TON of pictures of him.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I did it

So today I finally did it. I ordered my cake. I don't know why I was putting it off so much. I guess I just felt that the fact that the publix I am ordering from didn't answer their phone was a sign from God. Then today when I was like, "ok, do it!" it said their number was disconnected. So I went to my local Publix and got the exact price/size of what I wanted and found out that the publix was re-built (since the last time I was there?!) and for some reason they were like, "new look, new number." So I got the number and drove out there and picked it out. I am going to bring them ribbon to put around the bottom of the cake and it will be delivered a half hour before the reception starts because nobody wants them delivering when everyone is there in their way and whatnot. So here is the picture I chose from, but mine will not be fondant. (because it is 50% more expensive) It will be white with a little bride and groom on top with black ribbon around each tier's base.

I also bought a cheap garder today to throw. It's blue. I bought a bikini to wear on my honeymoon and not until then. I bought a giant frame to put a giant picture of Kyle and I on the eisle in the entrance of the hall. So today was productive.

Then I went to work and found out someone had given me the wrong schedule and I was supposed to work 12-4 not 5-11. So to make up for that mistake, I was forced to work drivethru until 1030. People are so rude. So rude. I do not have the strength to do it. I cried when I got home just because I had to let out all of the pent up "Gahhhh! I am not the stupid one! Why do you hate me?!" that I had built up. School tomorrow. Then next week is the last before finals!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Love You!

when im hungry you cook. When im sad you cheer me up. When i need a hug your there with open arms. When im tired you take naps with me. When i need help with home work you teach. When i need you your there. When the house is dirty and im tired you clean. i looked for a best friend and there you were. You do so much for me and i am so greatful for all of these things. I Love you now, ill love you forever. First United Methodist at Cocoa Beach 7 weeks 3 days 17 hours 10 minutes See you there. ill be waiting :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Strange Monday

What a strange day this has amounted to. It all started with the shuttle lift-off and 6:21 am. Actually is started last night when I ate too much Easter Candy and could not fall asleep.

Let me make a brief side-note about how our family reacts to shuttle lift-offs/landings. When a shuttle leaves the earth, it shakes everything within 20-30 miles. Shakes, like that weird feeling you get when everything is quiet and your phone vibrates on the table and it's loud and shocking and erks you. When it comes BACK intot he atmostphere, 3 loud booms occur. That is the sound of it passing through the...atmostphere. Last time the shuttle came back, it was scheduled for 10:21 pm. I was not prepared and had little-known of its return until earlier that evening. So at 10:21 on the button, 3 loud booms shook the windows. I jumped up and yelled, "William, William, William!" (Because that is what I call him when things get serious)and he said, "Get me a knife, I need a knife!" While he swept the perimeter of the house, mom came out all befuddled from having been awoken by the banging and insisted that it had been a teenager (because she hates teenagers) banging on her window. I argued that it had been on the livingroom window. Eventually we looked at the clock and went back to our lives.

This morning, however, I was very-well prepared for the shuttle to lift-off. (or so I thought) Kyle was planning to wake up early to watch it since the apartment is across the river from the station. So, at 6:21 I was awoken from death by the house shaking with a terrible fury and the sound of a giant freight truck in my bedroom. I ran into the kitchen yelling, "Daddy, Daddy!!" Brinkley walked in and looked at me. Then I remembered the shuttle and assured her that it was ok. (to which she probably thought, yeah I know) and I went and called Kyle. He said "It was amazing!! There were 1000 people in the feild next to our apartment! So I stuck my head out the window and said, 'Hey! When does this dang thing liftoff?!" It must have been amazing because it was the loudest I think we've ever had. Anywho, on my way to school this morning, I was 30 minutes late because of all the tourists and their dang traffic. I cannot understand for the life of me why so many people from Ontario and Connecticut drove allll the way down for 19 seconds of entertainment. Nope. I got counted absent even though I showed up and did my presentation on less sleep that normal.

Strange Monday indeed.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The things I never shared

Recently I was in bed, but not ready to sleep. So I watched all of the videos on my camera. These two caught my eye because I never watched them once they were filmed. They seem pretty basic from the get-go, but they have they cute/hilarious moments. This is Holly's birthday song. The best part is Nolan's face in the first 5 seconds. I gaurantee if you keep looking at him for the first 5 seconds you will understand why I am posting this. He's adorable...and terribly confused.

This one is just funny. Like, "why?" Jr is very nicely reading the nativity story and Steve and Gabby can hardly contain their excitement over all of the festivities. So they take time to do an awesome high-five for the camera. I just think it's cute. The Steven comes over and looks at Kyle (who is filming) like, "hey, stranger. I want to sit with my aunt Cara, and you're in my way." And Jack's yelling is great. And this Christmas was all-around just aweosme :)

Then there are these. Priceless treasures. Gabby picking toe-jam out of her toes. She brought a tissue so the task would be more bearable.