Sunday, April 4, 2010

The things I never shared

Recently I was in bed, but not ready to sleep. So I watched all of the videos on my camera. These two caught my eye because I never watched them once they were filmed. They seem pretty basic from the get-go, but they have they cute/hilarious moments. This is Holly's birthday song. The best part is Nolan's face in the first 5 seconds. I gaurantee if you keep looking at him for the first 5 seconds you will understand why I am posting this. He's adorable...and terribly confused.

This one is just funny. Like, "why?" Jr is very nicely reading the nativity story and Steve and Gabby can hardly contain their excitement over all of the festivities. So they take time to do an awesome high-five for the camera. I just think it's cute. The Steven comes over and looks at Kyle (who is filming) like, "hey, stranger. I want to sit with my aunt Cara, and you're in my way." And Jack's yelling is great. And this Christmas was all-around just aweosme :)

Then there are these. Priceless treasures. Gabby picking toe-jam out of her toes. She brought a tissue so the task would be more bearable.

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The Kopers said...

I love the videos! I love the face Nolan makes half way through the song...he looked the same way when we sang Happy Birthday to him!