Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

I know it's not technically Tuesday, but I haven't gone to sleep yet and this is to worst time for me missing my kitty. Here are the top ten things that remind me of him.

10. The picture of him that I have hanging in my kitchen at the condo. It is to single, solitary thing we have hung on the walls and I look over at it when I do the dishes.

This isn't the picture, but it is a pic of him sitting in the same chair.

9. His hair in my guitar case. Whenever I played my guitar, I could count on him to lounge around in the case. Rather embarrassing whenever anyone asked if some animal had exploded in my case, but utterly adorable.
8. Tuna fish. The night after I found out he was dead, I was making Kyle's lunch and he requested Tuna and crackers. You can guess how that went down.
7. The empty can of wet cat food on the front porch. I set it out one day last week when I thought he had just gotten lost. I'm pretty sure by now Brinkley has licked it out, but it's still there.
6. The computer chair. Whenever I couldn't find Emmitt he was sleeping in the computer chair. It was the last place I would look and I could always find him there. He's the reason we have a sheet over it. His hair was ruining it. Now there's just an unexplaned shet on the chair.
5. A cardboard box under the spare bed. It has big grooves in it and it sticks half-way out from under the bed skirt. Every time I walk in at first glance I think it's Emmitt's tail. I finally kicked it all the way under the bed. It got me every time.
4. Lost animals. The other day I was driving home from school and saw a lost dog with a collar. He was pretty big and I wouldn't normally have stopped but I was afraid he would die and someone would find out the way I had. So I pulled over and he almost came to me but then saw another dog and ran away.
3. My bed. This is the one that gets me. Every time I go to bed I think of how I would usually go and find him and bring him in my room for bed. He would act annoyed that I had disturbed him from wherever he was but he always was glad to snuggle.
2. Pheobe. When I hear her padding through the house I think it's Emmitt. It's not like the two cats were inseperable or anything, but every time I see her now she just looks very lonely. She sleeps in strange places behind chairs and stuff. Maybe she's confused or as lost as I am.
1. These pictures from when we first got him.

Thanks Leah for the card. It was really funny and what you wrote was very nice. He really did have a great life with me. <3

Emmitt and I-2007


The Kopers said...

Hey, Boo. I'm sorry Emmitt is gone. I wrote you a card last week with a bag of your favorite Easter candy, but have still been trying to find a small box to mail it. Hopefully, it will come soon:) I cried when Mom told me that Emmitt had died. I cried for you and for sweet, noisy, silly, Emmitt. I hope you're healing more with each day. I love you!

The Kopers said...

I love you! Hope you start feeling better, soon. He was a great cat and I will miss him, too!