Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just our daily bread

Just read a bunch of my old blog posts. Most were about being stressed out and promising myself that by next halloween I would have a new boyfriend (fiance...whooda thunk?) and these criptic sentences about "face-melting drama." I wonder what I was talking about. Stressed? Did I even know the meaning of the word? Face-melting drama? Nope. I mean, sometimes I feel left out when I know my friends are going out creating drama, but then things like today happen and I don't anymore.

Today we had our first marriage counseling. Just a casual lunch with pastor. My favorite part was when Kyle had to list 4 things he liked about me. Whenever I ask him to do this he comes up short, but under pressure he did well. It made us feel good to talk about the future of marriage. And it reminded me of what pastor said today in church. So often we pray for our weekly, monthly, years-in-advace "bread" instead of just saying, "lord, give me what I need today--my daily bread to get me through to tomorrow."

Right now I feel like I want to have it all together. I want some fortune-teller to tell me that Kyle and I are gonna be great and prosperous and never have to choose between groceries and electricity. But all I can do--all I should do, is ask God for my daily bread. I just need us to get through today. And God will handle tomorrow.


The Kopers said...

This was good.

Ali said...

So true. I find myself wanting my future all planned out instead of taking each day as a gift. That post was a great reminder. Thanks!

The Kopers said...

Thanks, Boo! I've been trying to put all my faith in the Lord and just take one day at a time. This was a great reminder of what I need to continue to do:)