Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The World is Real

I love the real world! So very much.

I went to the gym and made sure to leave in time to catch my fave show, and every single minute of it.

Anywho, I really got on here to make a confession.

I have been craving fast food lately. It is unexplainable.
Monday I left school and went to the beach to film some nature footage for a music video project. Leaving school I thought, "If I don't get some Taco Bell in me soon I am gonna kill something, like a chiuaua or something."
Then yesterday I was going to film some more nature after school and I thought, if I don't get some Sonic in me soon I'm gonna pass out." (I then went to the gym and every time I wanted to quit I said, "spicy chicken crunchwrap supreme! Jr. Deluxe burger and coke with no ice!")
Then this morning out of no where it hit me. French Fries. I wanted frech fries something feirce (and pizza) and I had to have them. I almost made it through the day until I was driving to my night class and passed McDonalds. I ran in and bought a small fry and chocolate shake. Then when I got to my class there were 5 large pizzas on the back table that someone had brought in just to be nice. Nice. I abstained. Thank God, I abstained.
But then I went to the gym and ran up to 5.6mph! I was so pumped I felt like I could fly. The endorphins were flowing so much I had to stop myself from smiling and maintane my pouty/hardcore "gym look" that I'm famous for. But inside I was euphoric. Then I felt a need to put my hands out like wings because I was running so fast and feeling so free. I abstained. Thank God, I abstained. It was insane. I'm starving!!
<3 boo
I remember now. I feel really really excited after my workout and I can't calm down. It's time for bed but I'm happy. I can't wait to go to philly and eat a cheesesteak. mmmm. That's all I wanna do, Holly. Oh, and run up those stairs like Rocky.

PPS: In a fight between Rocky Balboa and Rambo, who would win?

Chuck Norris.


This past week has felt like a marathon. And here are some pictures.

New mirrors

Me and Dom at The Pirate Parade in Tampa...wonderful bestie<3

New Bedroom Set For 20th!

This is what I let my favorite Chinese couple at China Nails do to me. What the heck...I say.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Night!

Tonight I cried twice while watching the Grammy Awards. I enjoyed it more than most everyone else. I applauded when Lil Wayne, T.I., Kanye and Jay-Z performed together, and I laughed out loud as the Rock tried to make some lame jokes. One of them was his own personal acrostic for the word Grammy.
Lol. Then I tried to explain to mom and dad that Katy Perry isn't bi, she just sings about Kissing Girls, and then dad said "Well soon enough, girls kissing will become a way of life!" He is so cute. haha.
My reason(s) for crying were that in the first ten minutes Jennifer Hudson won best R&B album and cried in her acceptance speech thanking her family in Heaven and on earth. In case you don't know about her, someone murdered her mother, brother and nephew about 2 months ago. I respect her strength. Then she sang a song called "You pull me through" and it was perfect for her situation right now about having someone to help you through hard times, her fiance. I cried then too. It was great. I love her.
Anyway, this week I start teaching guitar lessons to a little girl from our church. Things have been hectic lately so I am not really prepared but I'm going to buy her some books this week and figure out where our first lesson should start. An extra $15 dollars a week will be well-used! I am going now to hit the hay for school in the morning. I have a video essay due in two weeks and have not idea what to film for it. Stress.

Behold the fool saith, "Put not all thine eggs in the one basket"-- but the wise man saith, "Put all your eggs in the one basket and--WATCH THAT BASKET."
- Mark Twain

Friday, February 6, 2009


Today I wrote a 1500 word paper on an experience that took me from childhood to adulthood. My teacher encouraged us to embellish so I took the liberty of doing so. I made it very dramatic (specialty) and most of all...I took my time.
Here are all the things I did today "while writing my paper".
1)Pressed the "word count" button at least 34 times...each time calculating how many more to go.
2)Sendt text message updates to friends on how many more words to go.
3)Went to the gym
a.Watched Wedding Date (Courtesy of Holly's Target Gift Card...Thanks)
b.Made Nachos
4)Watched two episodes of Smart Guy on BET. (also good for white viewers)
a.Read 3 Chapters of my book
b.Tried to take a nap
c.Ate a lot of hot wings with dad
5)Went grocery shopping
a.Watched Andy Griffith with dad
6)Baked cookies
7)Watched my new show "Tool Academy" (check it out!)
a. On commercial breaks I was watching the Cosby Show. The one where Theo finds a joint in his geometry was a good one.

Mind you that in between each thing, I would write about a paragraph of truly intense and poignant writing material. This is truly the only way to get anything done on a day where there is absolutely nothing for you to do.

Monday, February 2, 2009

That's a Missed Connection...

If you've never heard of "Missed Connections" it's this thing on where people go into the site and post things about random "sexy" people they see at the grocery store or just driving by and try and hit on them. Because the odds of that one random person you saw, randomly wandering onto so see if anyone from around the area noticed them, is slim to none. One of them caught my eye. It was posted by a guy that goes to my gym. It's a really small gym, just opened, so I'm positive I've seen this guy, but of course they don't post pictures with their creepy thoughts so I will never know...but here it is. This is an actual post from a guy at my gym at Missed Connections on CraigsList...
"I've noticed a lot of attractive women young and old at Planet Fitness while I've been working out. Didn't know if any of you have been thinking the same thing about the guys there and wishing one would come flirt with you. I thought talking on here first may be less intimidating. I am interested in women of all for those of you older than me (even a lot older) don't hesitate to email me! Lets Chat!"

Wow! I will never look at any of the guys at the gym the same, ever. This one was pretty funny too. This was a lady in my town, and I happen to know two guys who drive red pickup trucks...I can only imagine...
" Normally I would be way to embarrassed to do this but I'm about 99.99% positive that you wont be seeing this. Your parents live in my parents neighborhood, and I see you from time to time. You drive a little red truck and look so good doing so. Just thought I'd see if this site actually works and chances are that it doesn't. Just so you know, I think you're fine. Yesterday helping your parents take down there Christmas lights with your shirt off....damn....I could hardly keep my eyes off you....Just thought I'd let you know."

I am not making fun of these people. I am just saying...what are the odds??? This song is the reason for all of this wondering...