Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Night!

Tonight I cried twice while watching the Grammy Awards. I enjoyed it more than most everyone else. I applauded when Lil Wayne, T.I., Kanye and Jay-Z performed together, and I laughed out loud as the Rock tried to make some lame jokes. One of them was his own personal acrostic for the word Grammy.
Lol. Then I tried to explain to mom and dad that Katy Perry isn't bi, she just sings about Kissing Girls, and then dad said "Well soon enough, girls kissing will become a way of life!" He is so cute. haha.
My reason(s) for crying were that in the first ten minutes Jennifer Hudson won best R&B album and cried in her acceptance speech thanking her family in Heaven and on earth. In case you don't know about her, someone murdered her mother, brother and nephew about 2 months ago. I respect her strength. Then she sang a song called "You pull me through" and it was perfect for her situation right now about having someone to help you through hard times, her fiance. I cried then too. It was great. I love her.
Anyway, this week I start teaching guitar lessons to a little girl from our church. Things have been hectic lately so I am not really prepared but I'm going to buy her some books this week and figure out where our first lesson should start. An extra $15 dollars a week will be well-used! I am going now to hit the hay for school in the morning. I have a video essay due in two weeks and have not idea what to film for it. Stress.

Behold the fool saith, "Put not all thine eggs in the one basket"-- but the wise man saith, "Put all your eggs in the one basket and--WATCH THAT BASKET."
- Mark Twain

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