Friday, February 6, 2009


Today I wrote a 1500 word paper on an experience that took me from childhood to adulthood. My teacher encouraged us to embellish so I took the liberty of doing so. I made it very dramatic (specialty) and most of all...I took my time.
Here are all the things I did today "while writing my paper".
1)Pressed the "word count" button at least 34 times...each time calculating how many more to go.
2)Sendt text message updates to friends on how many more words to go.
3)Went to the gym
a.Watched Wedding Date (Courtesy of Holly's Target Gift Card...Thanks)
b.Made Nachos
4)Watched two episodes of Smart Guy on BET. (also good for white viewers)
a.Read 3 Chapters of my book
b.Tried to take a nap
c.Ate a lot of hot wings with dad
5)Went grocery shopping
a.Watched Andy Griffith with dad
6)Baked cookies
7)Watched my new show "Tool Academy" (check it out!)
a. On commercial breaks I was watching the Cosby Show. The one where Theo finds a joint in his geometry was a good one.

Mind you that in between each thing, I would write about a paragraph of truly intense and poignant writing material. This is truly the only way to get anything done on a day where there is absolutely nothing for you to do.

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Jr, Holly, and Nolan Koper said...

I think we've seen every episode of Smart Guy and The Cosby Show at least three times. Those are two great black shows! I'm glad you got a good movie with your gift card! I'm so excited you're coming out and that you'll be here for Nolan's first Easter! I'm already planning on what we'll be doing. Maybe we'll stay in Philly and explore after you land. I've been to Philly several times, but never to see anything good. I'll have Jr find us some cool places. Love ya!