Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tribute to June

Movies I have seen this month(and the food eaten before, which is relevent, I swear):

The Proposal-Sushi: Funny, Stressful cuz Sandra Bullok is such a major meanie.

The Hangover-Panera Bread: Fuuuuuuuuuunny. Perfect LOL movie. Hilarious. Just...Yes.

My Sister's Keeper-Dairy Queen Blizzard: You've heard of tear-jerkers? This one pulls the tears from your eyes and throws them back at you, causing more sobbing and sniffling to ensue.
It wasn't so bad, really.
I liked it.

Someone asked for my number at a gas station. He was nice and handsome, but far too short for I said, "I don't give my number out at gas stations...but I'll definately see you around." ?! He was nice and said, "Alright then, see ya."
Someone asked for my number at work and I said, "I'm not aloud to give my number out at work." (Lie) He was less kind. "Why?" "You're single, you told me. Mike won't mind." Mike is my manager, who, up to this point, has been my excuse to say no to people wanting my number. But this guy actually was a friend of Mike's and knew that I was lying. So embarassing.

Today I went out to eat with a friend and our waitress brought us bread and our drinks then never came back. Another waitress, older, scarier Sherri came up and said, "Was your waitress the pregnant blonde girl?" We shook out heads, "yes?" Then Sherri said "she left without telling anyone." We said "Well that's ok, we didn't wait too long." Then Sherri said, "No. It's not fine. I'm gonna beat the crap out of her. I am not kidding." Then we said, "the pregnant girl? no, it's ok." Sherri said, "No...I'd be happy to do it. So what would you like to order?"

I hope that pregnant girl's baby kicks Sherri right in the face for threatening to beat up a pregnant girl. So there.

If I hear Michael Jackson's "Beat it" on the radio one more time, I'm going to kill him...wait...haha I am sorry. I am. Sorry.

I bought boogy boards!
After the beach I was STARVING and went to subway to order some lunch. I said, "Do you have seafood here? (Because I have it on good authority that the Cocoa Beach subways are the only ones with seafood.) The sandwhich technician looked at me very seriously and said, "Don't you mean, Seafood Sensation?!" Oh my. Yes, of course.

I saw LL Cool J in concert and got yelled at for dancing with an MIB employee. But don't feel sorry for me. While dancing, some guy came up to my friend Heather and tried to hold her hand. She was far too distracted to care so he retreated back to his mid-forties group of cronies. Soooo funny. Still can't get the MIB theme song outta my gets mad whenever I sing it. "Here come the Men in Black...hehe"

I saw a maserati up-close and personal at the VIP parking valet at Universal. So many nice cars there! Talked to the valet boys about the crazy things they find in rich peoples' cars.

Went to Margaritaville and ate for free! Danced in front of the stage with a group of girls on vacation from London to work off all the free food! They were so cute!

All for now. What a long month. I'm tired just talking about it!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Holy Coloquialisms!

After 4 drafts of my essay for admission in journalism school, I am happy. Now I am awaiting a reply from my adviser to read my clippings from previous years of school. I will mail it out tomorrow and pray that things go as God has planned. I am going to sleep until it is time to go to the movies. I am exhausted in my mind. zzzzz.
Here is the finished product...almost finished. I can promise my obsession and about 6 more re-checks before I seal, unseal, re-read and finally send out the envelope. ;(

The thing that most fascinated me about the writers I studied in my college English courses was the brief synopsis of each one’s life and achievements. Though many of the facts about each author’s education held similarities; namely, journalism degrees, the differences were in what each author chose to accomplish with such a degree. I was inspired by the possibilities afforded to such writers to deliver information to the world through so many different venues. Most wrote for news magazines and newspapers while many would go on to be reporters, biographers, essayists and novelists.
I am drawn to journalism by the possibilities its degree holds for those, like me, passionate about the written word. I am committed to learning and putting to use each facet of the dynamic subject of journalism that distributes crucial news and factual evidence to its recipients. I believe that with a degree in journalism, I will be able to reach readers by informing them of the pertinent impact of reality in current events. Rather than regurgitate a strand of insipid facts through a source, the science of journalism will give me the tools to write with accurate substance, flavor and concrete detail. Reporting the truth and writing the news based on precision and genuine passion for proof is the importance of news writing that I want to learn more about.
As a member of my high school literary magazine, I worked as an editor of submissions. In college, I have submitted articles to the campus newspaper and participated in Writers Circle meetings. I am a member and scholarship recipient of Phi Theta Kappa and have maintained Honors and President’s list for excellent achievement in my two years as a college student. If given the opportunity, I am ready to continue to work diligently toward a degree in journalism.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday Blake came over and we were sitting on the back porch. Well, I was sitting and he was hanging upside down on dad's back-stretching apparatus. And he said, very seriously, "Hey, where that other cat of yours? Patches, or...teaspoon or whatever her name was?" I about died. Teaspoon? Yeah, his excuse was "I knew it was something weird."

I have been taking pictures of her enjoying her new home for Holly to see and I finally got the one I had been trying to get so now I can share!
The places she likes to sleep...

Wanting to come in from lounging on the porch with Emmitt.
This was so funny. Making Brinkley wait her turn for water.
Taking her time...
They get along so well these days!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday in Spanish~Jueves en Espanol

I googled Thursday and one of the suggestions was "Thursday in Spanish" so I will tell you about my day in Spanish.

Hoy, Yo voy a la Dunkin Donuts con mi amiga, Heather Jackson. Ella es aqui de la Universidad para una vacaciones de trabajo y trabajar de escuela. Nosotros hablamos en los amigos de anos detras y yo como un donut y latte. Bastante para hoy. Yo soy muy cansada.

There. I doubt the verb conjugations are right but you get the hint. That's 4 years of Spanish for ya! Anyone get what I did today?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

It's technically Wednesday now, but I work late. Sue me. (I've never written "sue me" before and it looks

Top Ten Tuesday

I am reading a Jodi Picoult book called "Plain Truth" about an Amish girl accused of murder. (thanks diane for the suggestion) So I decided to do top ten things that would be hardest to get used to if I were to convert to Amish...ism.

10. Music, or lack thereof. No iPod, no music channel during Sunday lazy days. No background noise while cleaning.

9. Clothes/ Modesty. Not being able to get tan arms and legs and constantly wearing an apron and a bonnet. This includes make-up and hair that I would never be able to spice-up. The men wear suspenders all the time, though, which is cute.

8. Speaking German half the time. Duh.

7. The food. Constantly having to cook everything from scratch, never being able to dine out or just eat cookies for dinner with a side of delicious carbonated drinks.

6. Facial hair. Not my own, of course. But the Men. I don't like beards.

5. Buggies. No cars to speed away in, with air conditioning and stereo (see #10). No way of getting to town at faster than 12 mph.

4. Shunning/The Bann. If a family member decides to stray from the Amish faith, he is not aloud to ride in a car/buggy with his family members, eat at the same table with, or enter the family's house again.

3. Education. Boys usually go to school until 8th grade and I don't even know if the girls can go for that long.

2. Silence. No electricity in the house would make for the quietest nights. I think of the nights when we would be snowed-in during Nebraska winters with no electricity. The nights were so silent it felt like the silence was this thick cloud seeping into your and clogging your brain. (maybe that's just me). No air conditioning,

1. Social Life and attention from outsiders. Being treated as a spectical while trying to be detached from the world. It must be a challenge.

I think Amish culture is super interesting and one of the most interesting things about American culture! I know Holly shares this interest...and the need for a fan to sleep at night!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

One More Down

Just finished my second book of the summer. It is called Good in bed and I can tell you the only reason it is called that is that Cannie breaks up with her boyfriend who goes on to write monthly columns in a women's magazine entitled "Good in Bed" all about her and their relationship. Starting with, "Loving a larger Woman". It is humiliating and shocking for her and is the start for a whirlwind crazy turn of events for her and I loved this book. A definate light-hearted beach read. By Jennifer Weiner.

There was one part near the end where she talks about why she loves the name Leah that I liked and reminded me of Leah, for obvious reasons and I wanted to quote it in hopes that it makes you want to read this book.

"Leah, the second sister, the one Jacob didn't want to marry. Leah, the trick bride, the one her father sent down the aisle in disguise. I bet Leah had a more interesting life anyhow, I wispered. I bet Leah went on hiking trips with her girlfriends and had popcorn and Margaritas for dinner, if that's what she wanted. I'll bet she went swimming naked and slept under the stars. Rachel probably bought Celine Deon CDs and those Franklin Mint Collectable plates. Rachel was probably boring, even to herself."

I wish tomorrow was Monday so that I could go rent another book from the library. However, that would also mean work. So, I'll wait.

Just edited this pic of me and my little buddy. Can't wait to see Steven, Gabby and #3 in August! I love being an aunt to such perfect little people!

A photograph is a most important document, and there is nothing more damning to go down to posterity than a silly, foolish smile caught and fixed forever.
~Mark Twain

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MMM, Bed Bath & Beyoooooond<3

Yesterday I went shopping. I had 4 hours before I actually had somewhere to be so I set out to the Avenues for a little monetary pick-me-up. I bought a few tops, a dress and other things here and there. But the real prize was the last place I went. Burnt-out on shopping with a few more moments to spare, I stepped from the pavement, out of the beating sun and into the misty waterfall of the freshest air money can buy (Even their AC seems colder and...fresher) into Bed Bath & Beyond. Of course to the immediate right is all of the "could that really work?" television gadgets like ped-eggs (yes, folks. It works!) and hair removal pads (I wonder...) Then there are the kitchen nooks. I decided to break B, B & B down into nooks. Each nook has a theme and when you leave one, the next is totally different and new but keeps with the theme of that particular area of the store. First is the kitchen stuff. I entered my first nook with a heightened awareness of my hands and their capabilities. Clasped at my heart, they sat ready to baste, fry, bake and boil with anything set before them. They remained at my heart as I made my way around the entire store, looked diligently for one of those "bumpy hair thingys" that Holly said she had wanted (Sorry, Holl I woulda bet money they'd have one!)and left the store, not before being greeted by a man who looked uncannily akin to Jim Halpert aka John Krasinski. I can't wait to be married and shop there for a pink Iron and a little tomato-holder that looks like a tomato. ahhh, I love that store.