Friday, June 26, 2009

Holy Coloquialisms!

After 4 drafts of my essay for admission in journalism school, I am happy. Now I am awaiting a reply from my adviser to read my clippings from previous years of school. I will mail it out tomorrow and pray that things go as God has planned. I am going to sleep until it is time to go to the movies. I am exhausted in my mind. zzzzz.
Here is the finished product...almost finished. I can promise my obsession and about 6 more re-checks before I seal, unseal, re-read and finally send out the envelope. ;(

The thing that most fascinated me about the writers I studied in my college English courses was the brief synopsis of each one’s life and achievements. Though many of the facts about each author’s education held similarities; namely, journalism degrees, the differences were in what each author chose to accomplish with such a degree. I was inspired by the possibilities afforded to such writers to deliver information to the world through so many different venues. Most wrote for news magazines and newspapers while many would go on to be reporters, biographers, essayists and novelists.
I am drawn to journalism by the possibilities its degree holds for those, like me, passionate about the written word. I am committed to learning and putting to use each facet of the dynamic subject of journalism that distributes crucial news and factual evidence to its recipients. I believe that with a degree in journalism, I will be able to reach readers by informing them of the pertinent impact of reality in current events. Rather than regurgitate a strand of insipid facts through a source, the science of journalism will give me the tools to write with accurate substance, flavor and concrete detail. Reporting the truth and writing the news based on precision and genuine passion for proof is the importance of news writing that I want to learn more about.
As a member of my high school literary magazine, I worked as an editor of submissions. In college, I have submitted articles to the campus newspaper and participated in Writers Circle meetings. I am a member and scholarship recipient of Phi Theta Kappa and have maintained Honors and President’s list for excellent achievement in my two years as a college student. If given the opportunity, I am ready to continue to work diligently toward a degree in journalism.

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