Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tribute to June

Movies I have seen this month(and the food eaten before, which is relevent, I swear):

The Proposal-Sushi: Funny, Stressful cuz Sandra Bullok is such a major meanie.

The Hangover-Panera Bread: Fuuuuuuuuuunny. Perfect LOL movie. Hilarious. Just...Yes.

My Sister's Keeper-Dairy Queen Blizzard: You've heard of tear-jerkers? This one pulls the tears from your eyes and throws them back at you, causing more sobbing and sniffling to ensue.
It wasn't so bad, really.
I liked it.

Someone asked for my number at a gas station. He was nice and handsome, but far too short for I said, "I don't give my number out at gas stations...but I'll definately see you around." ?! He was nice and said, "Alright then, see ya."
Someone asked for my number at work and I said, "I'm not aloud to give my number out at work." (Lie) He was less kind. "Why?" "You're single, you told me. Mike won't mind." Mike is my manager, who, up to this point, has been my excuse to say no to people wanting my number. But this guy actually was a friend of Mike's and knew that I was lying. So embarassing.

Today I went out to eat with a friend and our waitress brought us bread and our drinks then never came back. Another waitress, older, scarier Sherri came up and said, "Was your waitress the pregnant blonde girl?" We shook out heads, "yes?" Then Sherri said "she left without telling anyone." We said "Well that's ok, we didn't wait too long." Then Sherri said, "No. It's not fine. I'm gonna beat the crap out of her. I am not kidding." Then we said, "the pregnant girl? no, it's ok." Sherri said, "No...I'd be happy to do it. So what would you like to order?"

I hope that pregnant girl's baby kicks Sherri right in the face for threatening to beat up a pregnant girl. So there.

If I hear Michael Jackson's "Beat it" on the radio one more time, I'm going to kill him...wait...haha I am sorry. I am. Sorry.

I bought boogy boards!
After the beach I was STARVING and went to subway to order some lunch. I said, "Do you have seafood here? (Because I have it on good authority that the Cocoa Beach subways are the only ones with seafood.) The sandwhich technician looked at me very seriously and said, "Don't you mean, Seafood Sensation?!" Oh my. Yes, of course.

I saw LL Cool J in concert and got yelled at for dancing with an MIB employee. But don't feel sorry for me. While dancing, some guy came up to my friend Heather and tried to hold her hand. She was far too distracted to care so he retreated back to his mid-forties group of cronies. Soooo funny. Still can't get the MIB theme song outta my gets mad whenever I sing it. "Here come the Men in Black...hehe"

I saw a maserati up-close and personal at the VIP parking valet at Universal. So many nice cars there! Talked to the valet boys about the crazy things they find in rich peoples' cars.

Went to Margaritaville and ate for free! Danced in front of the stage with a group of girls on vacation from London to work off all the free food! They were so cute!

All for now. What a long month. I'm tired just talking about it!


The Kopers said...

You were busy! I hope I can use one of those boogie boards with you soon!

The Kopers said...

Sandwhich ARTIST, not technician. I would know.
I don't know how you can say your life is boring - sounds pretty fun!

The Kopers said...

No joke - when I left that comment, the word verification was caram - as in Cara M. - you! Scary!

(this on is crutuid - not scary)