Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MMM, Bed Bath & Beyoooooond<3

Yesterday I went shopping. I had 4 hours before I actually had somewhere to be so I set out to the Avenues for a little monetary pick-me-up. I bought a few tops, a dress and other things here and there. But the real prize was the last place I went. Burnt-out on shopping with a few more moments to spare, I stepped from the pavement, out of the beating sun and into the misty waterfall of the freshest air money can buy (Even their AC seems colder and...fresher) into Bed Bath & Beyond. Of course to the immediate right is all of the "could that really work?" television gadgets like ped-eggs (yes, folks. It works!) and hair removal pads (I wonder...) Then there are the kitchen nooks. I decided to break B, B & B down into nooks. Each nook has a theme and when you leave one, the next is totally different and new but keeps with the theme of that particular area of the store. First is the kitchen stuff. I entered my first nook with a heightened awareness of my hands and their capabilities. Clasped at my heart, they sat ready to baste, fry, bake and boil with anything set before them. They remained at my heart as I made my way around the entire store, looked diligently for one of those "bumpy hair thingys" that Holly said she had wanted (Sorry, Holl I woulda bet money they'd have one!)and left the store, not before being greeted by a man who looked uncannily akin to Jim Halpert aka John Krasinski. I can't wait to be married and shop there for a pink Iron and a little tomato-holder that looks like a tomato. ahhh, I love that store.