Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Silly me, I booked mom and dad's flight to depart at like 6 am. Then their airline changed the flight time to something like 5:30am to use fewer planes or something. Gahh, dad is mad at me. He wanted to get a hotel in orlando so that we wouldn't hafta wake up super early to drive to the airport but I told him that it will cost more to get a hotel than it will to park the car at the airport for 5 days. (I certainly know how to appeal to his better nature). So he agreed and hopefully will not rant all the way to the airport tomorrow. I feel really bad. My train of thought was, "I never sleep the night before a trip. I am always up until at least 3, breathing heavily, then sleep until about 5 and lay in bed until my alarm goes off." So why wait until 9am to fly out? Oh well, my bad.
Anywholigans, my tasks this afternoon are 1)Ace my math test in at 12:15 2)Finish my oceanography homework 3)cram 5 days worth of awesome outfits into a small carry-on 4)go to steak n' gay to say goodbye to zak and lasha 5)go to books-a-million to get a discount on Twilight from my friend who works there. a)Resist the urge to let him give it to me for free so that he dosnt ask me out again. 6)take sleeping pills at 7pm so that I will fall asleep by 9. Now I am off to start off on my list of tasks by acing my math test! Happy Thanksgivings to all. (both)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Tree-Up Day

Faux-Thanksgiving went well. I missed pretty much all of it because I had to work but I watched the home video of Ian, Kaylie and Shannon having a "dance party". Ian's key phrase the whole day was "sexy beast". So he continuously called Grandma CC "sexy beast". At one point he was doing a slow dance with mom and she spun him out on the end of her arm so that he came nose to nose with grandma sitting at the table and he said in a very serious voice "It's great to see you here, you sexy beast." Then he spun back in and continued his dance. I love it. Shannon and Kaylie are already in 7th grade! They are so cute dancing together and so pretty. Shannon is as skinny at a rail and says, "don't you love my jeans? I love how they show off my curves." She is such a cutie. Kaylie is mostly queit and shy but has a lot of fun. Uncle Jeff ranted about Tammy the whole time I was there. And at one point I mentioned the Faux-Thanksgiving we had in 2006 before we went to MISSISSIPPI for a Koper thanksgiving. Grandma cracked me up when she said, "and you had that other boyfriend, that...muscle-bound one" and then she did a sexy little shimmy. lol. I was like..."ehh, sure". Then uncle Jeff said "that boyfriend talked a lot, all he did was talk, talk talk talk."

No uncle jeff...that was you. ;) <3

Today I went to see Twilight and I am definately gonna read the books. Then Grandparents came over and we decked the halls. Here is a picture of dad on his inversion table in case you were curious. Apparently, inquiring mind need to know.
Photobucketsldkfjsdlf I hate this picture adder...it ruins lives, life-ruiner!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today is the day that the marshes have thier "faux Thanksgiving" with all of the Cross clan before we jet-set away to Leah's for our actual Thanksgiving. I am still in need of an eye-popping outfit for the Turkey Trot. Seeing as how it will be at an ungodly hour and we will be missing the parade (that I never really watch anyway) I now have the perfect excuse to buy an awesome running outfit. Anyway, I'm going to post this video because Leah said she never saw it and I think Steven was very cute and serious in it. (Summer 08) I think this was the day after Holly and Jr. left and Leah was trying to get the house cleaned up after not sweeping all week, so I took the kids out back. My true intent in this video was to get the cute way steven says water, "wah-wer". But everything else he says is pretty hilarious.

Anyway, my goal for this next few days is to get as much work done before Texas as possible. Seeing as how I have finals when I get back, this will be my cramming week.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Last night I was up until 4 with itchy leg-syndrome. It's sort of like restless leg syndrome but itchier. So I decided around 3:45 that I would not be attending church because that is not enough sleep. However, my good ole internal alarm clock woke me up at precisely the time I usually wake up for church. So I said, "ok, God. I suppose something spectacular is going to happen at church today that you do not want me to miss" However, I didn't notice anything at all. I just yawned a lot.
However, after church my animals were in excellen form for picture taking and I needed some recent pictures to put on my boring myspace. Also I had the pleasure of watching dad "thaw" some leftover ham.
ahh, delicious. In more exciting sunday events, I watched 4 movies between 1 and 3pm before my nap. (at the same time!!) LiarLiar, Dinosaur, What Women Want, Inspector Gadget. Then after my nap I went and saw Role Models in theaters. Pretty funny.
Other random moments:
~I shared on of those KFC giant box meals with a friend...and I won a free biscuit on my cup peal-off sticker...so I had to get it right? Never Again, KFC. Never.
~Yesterday it was a high if 85 degrees, today's high, 60. Crazy freakin weather.
~Today I saw the object of my interest wearing jeans with flipflops. I was offended.
~Today I refused to share my candy bar with Jake and then didn't even finish eating it and ended up throwing it away. haha.
~Today I was so excited about the cold weather that I had a wardrobe change half way throught the day so that I could be seen in my new winter coat and my old GAP one that makes me look oh so sophisticated.
~Today dad told me I looked "sharp". I think that means sophisticated. I think it was due to the coats. (2)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What kind of a tree is that?

Official new desktop background^^^^^
Last night at work I heard my first Christmas song of the season on the radio! It's not truely the season until the radio stations are playing it and there it was. It was "Merry Christmas". You know that song, "although it's been said, many times many ways, merry chirstmas....toooooo....yooooou." That one. And it was glorious. Then they played "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "Jingle Bell Rock" later on. Everyone was so crabby though. I pointed out to some customers how great it was and they said..."I'm not felling that". Weird.

Oh well. I only have 20 more days of classes including finals! I can practically hear the airport calling me from here. My old forgotten friend and I will again be reunined under the greatest of causes...Thanksgiving. Then I will leave him for two weeks and return again for the most holy of reasons...Christmas! Yay!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day

Today I am really nervous. I voted early by mail and I keep praying every time I see a campaign sticker. Haha, I'm freaking out. I just looked up the current Electoral College Votes for the states and here is what is going on so far as of 11:13 a.m. I think.
So it looks alright but Obama won California which is a big one, but Texas, New York and Florida are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th biggest and we already won 2 of those. Oh man I'm scared. Haha. I needed to get this out so I can start on my Oceanography homework. My anxiety is skyrocketing. I hope my politically aware sisters are voting!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween weekend=The most tiring weekend of my life

So halloween night I decided to do something different with my hair for work. I mean, hey...it's halloween. (this is lame) So I went into work to find that I had a very poor line up of servers working with me and I suddenly turned into the leader of the group..."clean up your tables", "someone seat the door", "who left this here?!" We were actually completely dead most of the night despite my constant preparations for the worst. I just wanted everything to spotless in case we got a rush. Which we eventually did...at 2 am. Yes, America....on Halloween night. I worked from October 31, 2008-6PM until November 1, 2008-430AM. I havent been awake that early since I went to Texas this summer. And that's just the time I got to leave. Soooo many drunk people, girls in slutty costumes and hilarious tables. Even I felt drunk by 3AM. It was harsh. So the following day I slept from 5am to 1130 am then awoke to watch the office online which I had missed because of work on thursday...(wtf is up with jim and pam? I hate this long distance relationship) Then watched the end of Turner&Hooch, cried shamelessly when he died, and went back to sleep until work again at 6pm. Then at 3am I finally got to bed, forgetting to turn my clock back to gain that precious hour of sleep and was an hour early to church, where the object of my desire did not even talk to me. Oh what a weekend. If I wasnt $350 dollars richer from these last three days, I might just go insane. Now I'm doing laundry and watching Miracle on 34th street at midnight. Goodnight Friends.