Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween weekend=The most tiring weekend of my life

So halloween night I decided to do something different with my hair for work. I mean,'s halloween. (this is lame) So I went into work to find that I had a very poor line up of servers working with me and I suddenly turned into the leader of the group..."clean up your tables", "someone seat the door", "who left this here?!" We were actually completely dead most of the night despite my constant preparations for the worst. I just wanted everything to spotless in case we got a rush. Which we eventually 2 am. Yes, America....on Halloween night. I worked from October 31, 2008-6PM until November 1, 2008-430AM. I havent been awake that early since I went to Texas this summer. And that's just the time I got to leave. Soooo many drunk people, girls in slutty costumes and hilarious tables. Even I felt drunk by 3AM. It was harsh. So the following day I slept from 5am to 1130 am then awoke to watch the office online which I had missed because of work on thursday...(wtf is up with jim and pam? I hate this long distance relationship) Then watched the end of Turner&Hooch, cried shamelessly when he died, and went back to sleep until work again at 6pm. Then at 3am I finally got to bed, forgetting to turn my clock back to gain that precious hour of sleep and was an hour early to church, where the object of my desire did not even talk to me. Oh what a weekend. If I wasnt $350 dollars richer from these last three days, I might just go insane. Now I'm doing laundry and watching Miracle on 34th street at midnight. Goodnight Friends.


Jr and Holly Koper said...

(referring to your previous comment)
It was a joke, Boo Boo. We called it Satan's Holiday when we were little b/c that's what mom referred it as. No need to tell me otherwise. Ha Ha.

The Kopers said...

Sounds like a long weekend. But at least you got some good moolah out of it, right? I agree with the Jim/Pam thing. It's just weird. And I miss having Pam in the office. It just doesn't feel the same without her. Maybe she'll get the now open HR position. Really, they need to get her back in the office!