Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today is the day that the marshes have thier "faux Thanksgiving" with all of the Cross clan before we jet-set away to Leah's for our actual Thanksgiving. I am still in need of an eye-popping outfit for the Turkey Trot. Seeing as how it will be at an ungodly hour and we will be missing the parade (that I never really watch anyway) I now have the perfect excuse to buy an awesome running outfit. Anyway, I'm going to post this video because Leah said she never saw it and I think Steven was very cute and serious in it. (Summer 08) I think this was the day after Holly and Jr. left and Leah was trying to get the house cleaned up after not sweeping all week, so I took the kids out back. My true intent in this video was to get the cute way steven says water, "wah-wer". But everything else he says is pretty hilarious.

Anyway, my goal for this next few days is to get as much work done before Texas as possible. Seeing as how I have finals when I get back, this will be my cramming week.


The Kopers said...

That was pretty cute. What a stinker. I love that he pouts and says he's not having fun, then slams his cup down and tells Gabby to have fun. Typical Steven. Can't wait to see you!

Jr and Holly Koper said...

I miss them so much:-( I wish we could be there for Thanksgiving! How was the Marsh/Cross Faux Thanksgiving? Hopefully uneventful!