Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Silly me, I booked mom and dad's flight to depart at like 6 am. Then their airline changed the flight time to something like 5:30am to use fewer planes or something. Gahh, dad is mad at me. He wanted to get a hotel in orlando so that we wouldn't hafta wake up super early to drive to the airport but I told him that it will cost more to get a hotel than it will to park the car at the airport for 5 days. (I certainly know how to appeal to his better nature). So he agreed and hopefully will not rant all the way to the airport tomorrow. I feel really bad. My train of thought was, "I never sleep the night before a trip. I am always up until at least 3, breathing heavily, then sleep until about 5 and lay in bed until my alarm goes off." So why wait until 9am to fly out? Oh well, my bad.
Anywholigans, my tasks this afternoon are 1)Ace my math test in at 12:15 2)Finish my oceanography homework 3)cram 5 days worth of awesome outfits into a small carry-on 4)go to steak n' gay to say goodbye to zak and lasha 5)go to books-a-million to get a discount on Twilight from my friend who works there. a)Resist the urge to let him give it to me for free so that he dosnt ask me out again. 6)take sleeping pills at 7pm so that I will fall asleep by 9. Now I am off to start off on my list of tasks by acing my math test! Happy Thanksgivings to all. (both)

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The Kopers said...

I will see you in T-minus 12 hours and counting! Woo-hoo!
(Steak-and-gay...hahaha. I used to work at a place we liked to call AppleHell's)