Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just opened blogger wondering if I would find a new blog post and thinking, while I'm here I'll do a Not Me Monday. But, alas, it's Wednesday. We had Monday off from school and Kyle and I stained a coffee table that he found on his way to work. Mind you, knowing full-well that I had gone to bed at 2am in celebration of my Monday off, he called me at 6 monday morning to tell me he loved me and, "oh, P.S. I found a coffee table!" I was anti-thrilled. But he got off work at one and came over and we bought some stain and stained the heck out of it. I'm gonna buy some trays to put on it so we don't hafta use coasters and it will look great! We have another coat to do and he is still considering just painting or going darker but it's our first furniture together! We are also hoping to find an apartment by the end of the month. The loft we wanted went bust because the guy who owns it lives in Miami and keeps blowing us off. We've looked at a few places but whenever Kyle sees "a thug" he says, no way you're living here. (as if it would just be me). But we have 4 new prospects we are hoping to see tomorrow on my day off so fingers crossed we'll have somewhere to put all the crap that has been piling up in my closet. Having a bedroom is just no longer suitable. Where am I supposed to put my measuring cups and my HP SCANNER/PRINTER? What about my magic bullet and my mixing bowls, not to mention the crack pot? (oops, I meant crock pot. Because I don't have a crack pot in my closet.)
Anyway, I do have some poetry to analyze so I will be doing that now. Happy HUmp day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have made a decision

Today I went to lunch with one of my possible photographers. He has been my first choice from the start but then I found out that I won a $500 prize from another (very overpriced) photography company that I saw at the bridal show. So, anyway, I LOVE his work and he is the best there is so Kyle and I are gonna spend a little bit to get this guy. He's a friend of a friend so he's throwing in a "story book" which is like a beautiful bound book of glossy pages of pictures from the wedding. Like a novel of beautiful love portraits, if you will. Here is the link to his facebook. He just quit law school so he is just now beginning to build a big web page for his breathtaking pictures. Just scroll down and look at his wedding photos, not his profile pics cuz those are all of him. DJ this saturday to tie things up then just cake and loose ends...and oh wait, a freaking honeymoon vacation to remember for a lifetime.

oh, and i stumbled across this uncharacteristically gangster picture of kyle and i in my phone. i don't know why it happened but i'm glad it did. because it's funny.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

update sun-mon

We Went to a Bridal Show on Sunday. At a bridal show there are tons of vendors (photographers, cake makers, limo services) and you have a booklet with all of their names and contact info and in order to put in for the grand prize (a honeymoon to the bahamas) you have to have each vendor sign next to their name in your booklet. EVERY VENDOR. Then in case you dont win the grand drawing, you can apply for door prizes from each vendor. And I won a beautiful centerpeice!

It's about a foot and half tall!
It was so much fun. We ate lots of food and watched a dance show put on by one of the dj companies and learned a lot about all the work I have to get done before May!

Yesterday was the first day of school. I have a 50 minute class at 9:30 then nothing again until 330! So I drove home and watched a movie, did some online crusing and hung out with Kyle for an hour. Then went back for phase two. I only go to class monday and wednesday this semester so today Kyle came over to "work from home" finding clientel on the interweb and we're gonna go apartment shopping later.

I am running the printer ragged printing out all of the my syllabi for school. (The plural for syllabus is syllabi, yeah)

Anywho, off now.