Tuesday, January 12, 2010

update sun-mon

We Went to a Bridal Show on Sunday. At a bridal show there are tons of vendors (photographers, cake makers, limo services) and you have a booklet with all of their names and contact info and in order to put in for the grand prize (a honeymoon to the bahamas) you have to have each vendor sign next to their name in your booklet. EVERY VENDOR. Then in case you dont win the grand drawing, you can apply for door prizes from each vendor. And I won a beautiful centerpeice!

It's about a foot and half tall!
It was so much fun. We ate lots of food and watched a dance show put on by one of the dj companies and learned a lot about all the work I have to get done before May!

Yesterday was the first day of school. I have a 50 minute class at 9:30 then nothing again until 330! So I drove home and watched a movie, did some online crusing and hung out with Kyle for an hour. Then went back for phase two. I only go to class monday and wednesday this semester so today Kyle came over to "work from home" finding clientel on the interweb and we're gonna go apartment shopping later.

I am running the printer ragged printing out all of the my syllabi for school. (The plural for syllabus is syllabi, yeah)

Anywho, off now.

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The Kopers said...

cool. i went to a bridal show once. i won 3 nights in a hotel in the carribean - but no airfare. so that didn't work out too well. i like the centerpiece, though! if only you had won nine more!