Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have made a decision

Today I went to lunch with one of my possible photographers. He has been my first choice from the start but then I found out that I won a $500 prize from another (very overpriced) photography company that I saw at the bridal show. So, anyway, I LOVE his work and he is the best there is so Kyle and I are gonna spend a little bit to get this guy. He's a friend of a friend so he's throwing in a "story book" which is like a beautiful bound book of glossy pages of pictures from the wedding. Like a novel of beautiful love portraits, if you will. Here is the link to his facebook. He just quit law school so he is just now beginning to build a big web page for his breathtaking pictures. Just scroll down and look at his wedding photos, not his profile pics cuz those are all of him. DJ this saturday to tie things up then just cake and loose ends...and oh wait, a freaking honeymoon vacation to remember for a lifetime.

oh, and i stumbled across this uncharacteristically gangster picture of kyle and i in my phone. i don't know why it happened but i'm glad it did. because it's funny.


The Kopers said...

Loos like you found a talented photographer! His pictures are beautiful!

The Kopers said...

glad you settled on a photographer - and you guys are weird.

The Kopers said...

haha. slade is laura's husband (the couple that did Jack's pictures) and i'm pretty sure that was laura commenting under his google i.d.
don't worry. men don't think i'm hot!