Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just opened blogger wondering if I would find a new blog post and thinking, while I'm here I'll do a Not Me Monday. But, alas, it's Wednesday. We had Monday off from school and Kyle and I stained a coffee table that he found on his way to work. Mind you, knowing full-well that I had gone to bed at 2am in celebration of my Monday off, he called me at 6 monday morning to tell me he loved me and, "oh, P.S. I found a coffee table!" I was anti-thrilled. But he got off work at one and came over and we bought some stain and stained the heck out of it. I'm gonna buy some trays to put on it so we don't hafta use coasters and it will look great! We have another coat to do and he is still considering just painting or going darker but it's our first furniture together! We are also hoping to find an apartment by the end of the month. The loft we wanted went bust because the guy who owns it lives in Miami and keeps blowing us off. We've looked at a few places but whenever Kyle sees "a thug" he says, no way you're living here. (as if it would just be me). But we have 4 new prospects we are hoping to see tomorrow on my day off so fingers crossed we'll have somewhere to put all the crap that has been piling up in my closet. Having a bedroom is just no longer suitable. Where am I supposed to put my measuring cups and my HP SCANNER/PRINTER? What about my magic bullet and my mixing bowls, not to mention the crack pot? (oops, I meant crock pot. Because I don't have a crack pot in my closet.)
Anyway, I do have some poetry to analyze so I will be doing that now. Happy HUmp day!


The Kopers said...

Steve wants to know where you DO store your crack pot, if it's not in your closet?

The Kopers said...

Take a pic of your new coffee table when it's finished. I hope you guys find a place soon!
Love you.