Monday, February 1, 2010

Early Birthday

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the breakfast in bed that Kyle brought to me Sunday, which was the day I chose to have the familial celebratory custom of my birthday because the actual day of my birthday is on Tuesday, which is the night Kyle has Algebra class and dad has church meetings. Kyle always stays the night on Saturday nights because we have church in the morning. But this particular morning mom was wearing her especially loud cowboy boots clomping around the house, so I awoke an hour and a half early and went to the bathroom before going back to bed. But before I could get to the bathroom, I was intercepted by Kyle who, upon noting my awakeness, went into a panic and followed me back into my room to instruct me to stay there. So half an hour later he entered with a tray of blueberry pancakes, bacon and fresh strawberries with a little bowl of sugar for dipping. He had his biggest smile on and watched me eat it. He may have enjoyed it more than I did, he was so excited!

This is what happened after church:

The family gathered 'round.

I made a wish

And got exactly what I wanted!!

When you love cereal as much as I do, dispensing it becomes one of your biggest joys.

These are my awesome canisters. Kyle and I had a very serious discussion about what to put in the smallest one. I think it's obvious that brown sugar goes in it because we don't drink coffee or eat traditional rice. Then he argued, what about oatmeal? To which I said, you can put your oatmeal in your half of the cereal dispenser. To which we both marveled and had another moment of joy over that cereal dispenser. It is the coolest.

These are my awesome dishes. They are porcelin and VERY heavy! Everything is square, even the mugs. Mom is gonna get us another set so we will have 8 of everything. I like that idea because then Kyle and I can each eat for 4 days straight without washing dishes...jk.

And you may notice the shirt I am wearing in my birthday pics. It is from Holly, an early birthday present. Thanks Holl for the shirts!

Dad thought it impossible to drink from a square mug, so mom and I had to try. It is an exciting new experience. Dad also insisted that if we were to put chocolate-covered raisins in one side of the cereal dispenser and trail mix with m&ms in the other side, it would be the best use of the dispenser that he could fathom. We almost agreed.

Oh, and a big red bowl! I must have registered for this because it is so fun and I just remember having that big yellow bowl as a kid that didn't match anything so I thought, this is more of a serving/fruit bowl and grandma said it would be perfect for popcorn. (But in my head I just thought...I hope this doesn't turn into our puke bowl...)
Tomorrow for my real birthday, KYle took the day off from work and is taking me a shopping spree to the Florida Mall in Orlando and that is where I will be spending the gift card that Leah got me. Thanks Lee. Then when Kyle goes to class at 6, I am going out to sushi with Dominique and Heather. Can't wait!


The Kopers said...

Wow, you got spoiled! I wish we could have been there.
I kind of want a cereal dispenser now!
Love you!

The Kopers said...

I'm now craving cake!

The Kopers said...

Awesome cereal dispenser! And I LOVE the square dishes and the big, red bowl. I don't have a nice serving bowl - that will be a really good one for like pasta or salad or what have you's.
Glad you had a good B-day celebration! Love ya!