Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Here are the Top Ten things that I have realized recently.

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE granola. I have always liked to buy yogurt parfaits, ya know, with the fruit and the granola that you pour in and it's all crunchy and sweet? So the other day I bought some low fat vanilla yogurt and some of this.

It is delicious and all natural and I put it in a little cup of yogurt with strawberries or just with the yogurt itself and I have eaten for dinner for the past two weeks. I love this stuff!
2. Nolan's latest blog posting made me realize what a little peanut he is. No really. See?

3. I am getting an apartment in less than two weeks!
This is something I discovered but more...realized is so fast approaching. Wow! I can spend my time cleaning my kitchen and decorating and making Kyle dinner. And I am jealous that he gets to live there before I do!
4. My sleep habits are...wiggity-wack. I sleep about 7 hours on Sunday/Tuesday nights because I have an early class. And allll day I think about how I'm gonna take a nap when I get home, which I hardly ever do, since I don't get home until about 7pm. But when I do, I sleep from 7 until about 830 when Kyle comes home from class. And it is weird. Then all the other days I sleep until about 10am and it is great--and weird.
5. I am going to be able to WALK places in my new home. Though very run down, there are two malls within two blocks of our building. One has a theater in it and an outlet that I like and the other just has a JCPenny's. There is also a Village Inn that Kyle says is "going to be our place" when we're married. ...yum?
6. I am so happy to have Dominique living back home. Tonight she just popped over after dinner to bring me a gift. It's a cute little painted ceramic sign that says "Never forget to kiss each other goodnight." and it has a wire hanger with beads and is very sweet. I will hang it somewhere appropriate in my new home. She is so sweet. I'm glad she hated living in St. Augestine :)
7. I am tired of cold weather. My body is shriveling up. Kyle heard on the news that it was colder in Texas last week than it was in Antarctica. My face is peeling and flaky from the dry cold and I object on the grounds of superficiality to the weather. I cannot live like this.
8. I am a great waitress. My work is really into "secret shoppers" and "if you get a rudeness complaint, you're fired" so when a woman called my boss's boss to tell him how wonderful a server I was, he sent the call to his boss and I received a letter from some Steaknshake guy saying that they value my membership on the SteaknShake team and they want to thank me blah blah blah...I was presented with the corny letter today and it had a copy of the woman's address who made the call to compliment me. I think I will visit her :) I gave a dramatic acceptence speech and threw it away. My work is so lame.
9. I love my major. When I do my creative writing homework, it takes a long time not because I dont know what I'm doing, but because I am so into it that I don't want it to stop. I hate that we aren't allowed to write more than one page for each assignment. They are supposed to be short and sweet but this week I had a story that I so wanted to develop but had to stop. Then when I read it to Kyle and I finished he said, "What?! Why was she like that, why didn't her friend figure it out?!" And it made me feel good.
10. This is the most important one. I realized just yesterday why God had me change my major. I used to want to be a journalist because of the books I'd read about savvy females in their late twenties who were sexy yet lonely living in London or New York and drank champagne with their best girlfriends on the weekends and I wanted to be like that. Then I realized that journalism is a lifestyle. You have to constantly be living in the mindset "is there a story here? I wonder if that guy would talk to me about...whatever." And now that I am an English major I just have this weight lifted. I used to wonder if it was the right choice but now I see why it is. Instead of crying and stressing over my next story and my interviews I have time to help kyle with his homework and we have time to just shutup and watch a movie without thinking constantly about the horrors of school. God gave me a major where I can do something I love in school and have the time to do what I love outside of school. I still stress, of course, but I really do feel like he needs me in this tough time where he's trying to decide what his purpose is. And I think that's what being a wife is all about.

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The Kopers said...

I'm glad you changed your major too. You were far too stressed and unhappy doing journalism. Glad things are going better. Love you, Boo!