Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grown Ups/Kangaroos

Yesterday I got a cavity filled between my two front bottm teeth. It was so small that the Dentist asked me exactly what he had diagnosed me for. Then after 10 minutes of probing he found it and went to work. After the numbing wore off and still now a day later, I feel like I have been kicked repeatedly in the chin by a kangaroo.

This weekend I am driving up for Laura and Austin's Wedding. I will be a bridesmaid for a third time! Mom and Dad are very unhappy about me driving up alone but I don't have a million friends that I want to sit with in a car for 8 hours and the ones that I invited have jobs or girlfriends and think that a trip like this would be..."a big step in our relationship." (?) hokayyyyy, mr.

I think I should go buy some unhealthy snacks to eat on the way up since I will want to stop as little as possible. I love a good excuse to partake in the unhealthy consumption of high-fructose corn syrup and bleached flour. Also I should fill up my gas tank so that dad can drive my car to work tomorrow since my car would probably poop out somewhere between Atlanta and...the end of our street. There's really no telling. I shall end with a few picture of Laura and I through the years of being friends...cuz she'll officially be a grown up tomorrow<3

this one is so old^ We were about 14 years old, back when they all had braces.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Emo vs emu

I want to move away from all of the kids in my immediate area who have attention issues. Either they are overly apathetic or completely obesessive. I am trying to hone my bad mood into an argument essay due tuesday that I cannot seem to get started. I have nothing to argue about because I am pretty sure that everyone would agree that being lame is not good. That would be a pointless paper. Coming to the end of the semester makes me feel really burnt out on a lot of things. One of them is people. That's a really broad thing to be burnt out on, but it's true. I have been working this year to make new friends and keep old ones. But I am pretty ready to get rid of most of the old ones at this point. I like my new friends. The old ones can jump off of a bridge.

There, I said it.

My vacation ended to soon. I want to go back to New Jersey and take naps with Nolan on the couch and watch DVR with JR and cook and shop with Holly. I was not ready to come back to crappy people. I was not prepared for this emo moment.

Some people don't know what emo means. Some people think that it is called being "emu". But emu is, in fact, a bird not unlike an ostrich. Emo is short for emotional and describes kids who are overly-zealous about their mundane and ultra messed up lives. This is an example of the noted confusion. This is an emo emu...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mardi Gras Nelly Concert

Yesterday was an amazing day! My new friend Jaime, Sheaya and myself, bough tickets to Universal City's Mardi Gras. Our tickets got us in at 5pm and Nelly's concert started at 9:45. We rode 3 rides, ate dinner and made our way to the concert area. We shoved our way up to the center as close to the front as we could and waited for about an hour and a half. When he came on stage, I could not contain my joy. It was so much fun. We made friends with all the people around us taking pictures. The Unibrow one below is in honor of a big mean woman with a unibrow who would not let us get in front of her. But by half way through the concert we were so far in front of her it wasn't even funny! More pics on myspace. Yay!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can you be jet-lagged if you never changed time zones?

These past two days of being home I have taken evening naps, as I call them. From about 6:30-8. There lots of fun and I feel like I won't make it to bed time without them. I claim jet-lag as my reason.
Yesterday was my first full day home. I had a cavity filling straight away after school and I was super nervous for the shot. However, first thing, the tooth-nurse put a numbing gel on the gum area and by the time the dentist came in the entire left side of my mouth was numb including my throat where I had swallowed some of it. I literally felt no pain except for my jaw aching to snap shut as I had 4 metal attachment-bracket things on my tooth, a mirror, a drill, a vacuum for the tooth particles and a water pistol in my mouth all at the same time. Silly me, after that I went to the gym with a completely numb mouth and here's a tip...don't try to atractively drink from a public water fountain if you can't feel one side of your mouth. Drooling is inevitable. I had fun after that smiling in the mirror...half smiling. HAH!

Oh and the best part of my cavity filling was not leaving, no because when I tried to leave, the receptionist asked me when I wanted to schedule my next filling. What?! Another cavity?! Oh yeah. Dr. Douche told me I had "a little cavity" not "2 little cavities". My friend Blake thinks that he created the second one while he was repairing the first. I conquer. Here is the song I am going to teach my 12-year old Hannah Montana fan guitar student. Her mom asked me to teach her to sing because she always tries to sing like Hannah. I can relate, except...remember Leann Rymes? Yeah she was my own personal brand of Hannah Montana back in the day. So I decided Hannah's alter-ego is as good a transition as any. Try not to WATCH the video...just listen.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Visiting "Joisy"

I arrived on Monday and it was rainy and windy but it was as great a time as any to meet my newest nephew. He was sleeping in his carrier and I road in the back with him so I could talk to him and introduce myself. Since then, it is now Saturday and I will be leaving tomorrow evening. Nolan and I have taken a few naps together, learned how to click our tongues during diaper-changes, and done plenty of shopping! Yesterday Holly and I filled his Easter basket with 1)A glow worm from Mommy (Which Jr found to be very "creepy"). 2)Some newborn passies (The fourth kind that Holly has tried to give him). 3) A set of 3-month onsies from Aunt Cara for the growing boy. 4)An "I Heart Daddy" onsie from Mommy.

Tonight we are having our Easter dinner so that we don't have to rush around tomorrow before I leave. We are making Grandma CC's lime jello salad, ham, mashed taters, and green bean casserole.

I have grown addicted to Holly and Jr's DVR. On Thursday we were able to tape the first office, watch Park and Recreation...a new fave! and then watch the last office and Hell's Kitchen. An absolute television extravaganza!

Wednesday Holly and I got coffee and pedicures and they were to die for! Leg massages and everything, it was nice for Holly to get out and relax while Jr had Daddy time with Nolan.

They're such good parents and it's so much fun to spend time with Nolan all day watching him grow in just a week!