Saturday, April 25, 2009

Emo vs emu

I want to move away from all of the kids in my immediate area who have attention issues. Either they are overly apathetic or completely obesessive. I am trying to hone my bad mood into an argument essay due tuesday that I cannot seem to get started. I have nothing to argue about because I am pretty sure that everyone would agree that being lame is not good. That would be a pointless paper. Coming to the end of the semester makes me feel really burnt out on a lot of things. One of them is people. That's a really broad thing to be burnt out on, but it's true. I have been working this year to make new friends and keep old ones. But I am pretty ready to get rid of most of the old ones at this point. I like my new friends. The old ones can jump off of a bridge.

There, I said it.

My vacation ended to soon. I want to go back to New Jersey and take naps with Nolan on the couch and watch DVR with JR and cook and shop with Holly. I was not ready to come back to crappy people. I was not prepared for this emo moment.

Some people don't know what emo means. Some people think that it is called being "emu". But emu is, in fact, a bird not unlike an ostrich. Emo is short for emotional and describes kids who are overly-zealous about their mundane and ultra messed up lives. This is an example of the noted confusion. This is an emo emu...


The Kopers said...

First of all, I like the Emo Emu. Second, I couldn't agree more with the friends you have. I don't know a lot about the people you hang out with, but what little I do know from you, makes me wish you had better people around you. Why don't you just move to Abilene, get a part time job, and apartment and finish school in the next 3 years (not that it would take that long) when we're there. We'll be there to help you out if you need it and you can start your own life and meet some nice people. That's what I think. I know you could do it. It won't take a lot of money or planning, just the balls to do it. That's what I think. In Abilene there is Abilene Christian U., Hardin Symmons and McMurray (or McMurry, not sure which spelling). Think about it. Sorry I keep missing your calls. I tried to cal you back. Geeze. Long comment. Love you.

The Kopers said...

I agree with Leah! You should seriously consider it.