Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Tree-Up Day

Faux-Thanksgiving went well. I missed pretty much all of it because I had to work but I watched the home video of Ian, Kaylie and Shannon having a "dance party". Ian's key phrase the whole day was "sexy beast". So he continuously called Grandma CC "sexy beast". At one point he was doing a slow dance with mom and she spun him out on the end of her arm so that he came nose to nose with grandma sitting at the table and he said in a very serious voice "It's great to see you here, you sexy beast." Then he spun back in and continued his dance. I love it. Shannon and Kaylie are already in 7th grade! They are so cute dancing together and so pretty. Shannon is as skinny at a rail and says, "don't you love my jeans? I love how they show off my curves." She is such a cutie. Kaylie is mostly queit and shy but has a lot of fun. Uncle Jeff ranted about Tammy the whole time I was there. And at one point I mentioned the Faux-Thanksgiving we had in 2006 before we went to MISSISSIPPI for a Koper thanksgiving. Grandma cracked me up when she said, "and you had that other boyfriend, that...muscle-bound one" and then she did a sexy little shimmy. lol. I was like..."ehh, sure". Then uncle Jeff said "that boyfriend talked a lot, all he did was talk, talk talk talk."

No uncle jeff...that was you. ;) <3

Today I went to see Twilight and I am definately gonna read the books. Then Grandparents came over and we decked the halls. Here is a picture of dad on his inversion table in case you were curious. Apparently, inquiring mind need to know.
Photobucketsldkfjsdlf I hate this picture ruins lives, life-ruiner!

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