Thursday, October 30, 2008

Planning for Next Year

That's Hot

I think I am going to buy a Halloween costume the week after Halloween so then I will have an insentive to do something fun next year. I have been trying to think for the last week and can't seem to remember what the heck I did last Halloween. I really wish I could remember. But that tells me that next year I need to try harder. Because I decided that 25 is the official age that Halloween goes out the window. You become the woman handing out candy or taking your kids trick or treating. So if I dont have kids by 25 (knock on wood) then I will be sitting on my front porch somewhere 5 years from now passing out tootsie rolls to Hannah Montana and Little Jack Sparrow. Before 20 you can still go out trick or treating...after that you have to do the party thing...and seeing as how I'm not much for parties...what will I do? I don't know. But I'll be wearing a marked down costume while I'm doing it. Then I think...a year from now...I'll have a new boyfriend, and a new job (call me ambitious). I'll be going to a new college. A lot will have changed. I better make it a good costume...haha.


The Kopers said...

25 and taking the kids trick-or-treating and handing out candy. Score! Good luck on doing something awesome next year. What about this year? I left a message on Mom and Dad's answering machine - you need to take a listen!

Jr and Holly Koper said...
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Jr and Holly Koper said...

I was thinking today how I've never celebrated "Satan's Holiday", and that Nolan's first will be mine! I really don't like it but I guess I'll have to participate for the kids and Jr's sake. Have fun!