Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

It's technically Wednesday now, but I work late. Sue me. (I've never written "sue me" before and it looks weird...mom)

Top Ten Tuesday

I am reading a Jodi Picoult book called "Plain Truth" about an Amish girl accused of murder. (thanks diane for the suggestion) So I decided to do top ten things that would be hardest to get used to if I were to convert to Amish...ism.

10. Music, or lack thereof. No iPod, no music channel during Sunday lazy days. No background noise while cleaning.

9. Clothes/ Modesty. Not being able to get tan arms and legs and constantly wearing an apron and a bonnet. This includes make-up and hair that I would never be able to spice-up. The men wear suspenders all the time, though, which is cute.

8. Speaking German half the time. Duh.

7. The food. Constantly having to cook everything from scratch, never being able to dine out or just eat cookies for dinner with a side of delicious carbonated drinks.

6. Facial hair. Not my own, of course. But the Men. I don't like beards.

5. Buggies. No cars to speed away in, with air conditioning and stereo (see #10). No way of getting to town at faster than 12 mph.

4. Shunning/The Bann. If a family member decides to stray from the Amish faith, he is not aloud to ride in a car/buggy with his family members, eat at the same table with, or enter the family's house again.

3. Education. Boys usually go to school until 8th grade and I don't even know if the girls can go for that long.

2. Silence. No electricity in the house would make for the quietest nights. I think of the nights when we would be snowed-in during Nebraska winters with no electricity. The nights were so silent it felt like the silence was this thick cloud seeping into your and clogging your brain. (maybe that's just me). No air conditioning, fans...eh.

1. Social Life and attention from outsiders. Being treated as a spectical while trying to be detached from the world. It must be a challenge.

I think Amish culture is super interesting and one of the most interesting things about American culture! I know Holly shares this interest...and the need for a fan to sleep at night!


The Kopers said...

I think the Amish are super-interesting, too! And those memenite people - there were some at the store we were at the other day. They're not quite as interesting as the Amish, but they're right up there.

The Kopers said...

Aren't they fascinating! I want Jr to take us to Amish Country before we move.

Diane (and Baby Taylor) said...

Your welcome on the suggestion! This book got me into a huge Amish kick, and I started reading Beverly Lewis books. I told Chris I wanted to visit Amish Country if we're ever in that area of the country...I don't think he shares my interest! LOL!