Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday in Spanish~Jueves en Espanol

I googled Thursday and one of the suggestions was "Thursday in Spanish" so I will tell you about my day in Spanish.

Hoy, Yo voy a la Dunkin Donuts con mi amiga, Heather Jackson. Ella es aqui de la Universidad para una vacaciones de trabajo y trabajar de escuela. Nosotros hablamos en los amigos de anos detras y yo como un donut y latte. Bastante para hoy. Yo soy muy cansada.

There. I doubt the verb conjugations are right but you get the hint. That's 4 years of Spanish for ya! Anyone get what I did today?

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The Kopers said...

You went to D.D. with your friend, Heather Jackson. She's from University, something about being on vacation from school and work. You talked over donuts and lattes. You are very tired...
Didn't get all of it, but I think I'll be able to get by in Texas:)