Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday Blake came over and we were sitting on the back porch. Well, I was sitting and he was hanging upside down on dad's back-stretching apparatus. And he said, very seriously, "Hey, where that other cat of yours? Patches, or...teaspoon or whatever her name was?" I about died. Teaspoon? Yeah, his excuse was "I knew it was something weird."

I have been taking pictures of her enjoying her new home for Holly to see and I finally got the one I had been trying to get so now I can share!
The places she likes to sleep...

Wanting to come in from lounging on the porch with Emmitt.
This was so funny. Making Brinkley wait her turn for water.
Taking her time...
They get along so well these days!


The Kopers said...

Aww, thanks, Cara! Those made me miss her so much! I'm glad she doesn't miss us:) I love the pic of her and Emm on the couch together. And I'm glad she's keeping Brinkley in her place.

The Kopers said...

If I ever get a cat, I think I'll name it Teaspoon. That cracked me up!