Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The World is Real

I love the real world! So very much.

I went to the gym and made sure to leave in time to catch my fave show, and every single minute of it.

Anywho, I really got on here to make a confession.

I have been craving fast food lately. It is unexplainable.
Monday I left school and went to the beach to film some nature footage for a music video project. Leaving school I thought, "If I don't get some Taco Bell in me soon I am gonna kill something, like a chiuaua or something."
Then yesterday I was going to film some more nature after school and I thought, if I don't get some Sonic in me soon I'm gonna pass out." (I then went to the gym and every time I wanted to quit I said, "spicy chicken crunchwrap supreme! Jr. Deluxe burger and coke with no ice!")
Then this morning out of no where it hit me. French Fries. I wanted frech fries something feirce (and pizza) and I had to have them. I almost made it through the day until I was driving to my night class and passed McDonalds. I ran in and bought a small fry and chocolate shake. Then when I got to my class there were 5 large pizzas on the back table that someone had brought in just to be nice. Nice. I abstained. Thank God, I abstained.
But then I went to the gym and ran up to 5.6mph! I was so pumped I felt like I could fly. The endorphins were flowing so much I had to stop myself from smiling and maintane my pouty/hardcore "gym look" that I'm famous for. But inside I was euphoric. Then I felt a need to put my hands out like wings because I was running so fast and feeling so free. I abstained. Thank God, I abstained. It was insane. I'm starving!!
<3 boo
I remember now. I feel really really excited after my workout and I can't calm down. It's time for bed but I'm happy. I can't wait to go to philly and eat a cheesesteak. mmmm. That's all I wanna do, Holly. Oh, and run up those stairs like Rocky.

PPS: In a fight between Rocky Balboa and Rambo, who would win?

Chuck Norris.

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