Sunday, March 14, 2010

A little less spring. A little more break.

It's way too late to be up on a school night. But spring break is over and I have little to show except some well-needed rest and an uncharacteristically sad demeanor. Over spring break I...
~Watched Nolan's First Steps video 5 times. (oops, just watched it again, 6).
~Mopped my floors at the apartment and after realizing that it was too cold for them to dry quickly without me being stuck on the counter for an hour, I crawled around on the floor with paper towels on each knee and hand until the job was done.
~Cooked 3 delicious meals.
~Baked banana bread.
~Cut Kyle's hair.
~Worked out twice.
~Trashed my bedroom.
~Saw Alice in Wonderland.
~Had lunch with the girls.
~Went to two flea markets and purchased sunglasses, hand sanatizers and old candy that tasted like a flea market.
~Went to an estate sale. I must make a note of this one. EVERYTHING in the house was for sale and we were NOT the first people there. Things were strewn everywhere. Closets picked through, kitchen cabinets flung open and poured out. It was so weird and FUN! The owners just walked around picking stuff up and we did NOT buy anything but it was a great experience.
~Realized that Earnest Hemingway is positively the most boring and morose writers I have ever had the non-pleasure of reading.
~Stayed up too late and slept late, too.
~Layed out in the sun 0 times because it was either too cold or pouring rain.
~Turned the clocks forward. Last year I did NOT turn the clocks forward and was totally out of wack.

Going to bed and starting a new half of the semester. It will be so fast and so eventful. My mind is too tired to contemplate its vastness.

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The Kopers said...

Sounds like you've become very domestic with cleaning, cooking, and baking! You're going to make a great wife:)
An Estate sale sounds very weird...especially since the owners weren't dead, but were there watching the whole thing...??
I've recently realized that Alicia isn't here anymore and that I need to call you!!! Sorry:(