Monday, April 5, 2010

Strange Monday

What a strange day this has amounted to. It all started with the shuttle lift-off and 6:21 am. Actually is started last night when I ate too much Easter Candy and could not fall asleep.

Let me make a brief side-note about how our family reacts to shuttle lift-offs/landings. When a shuttle leaves the earth, it shakes everything within 20-30 miles. Shakes, like that weird feeling you get when everything is quiet and your phone vibrates on the table and it's loud and shocking and erks you. When it comes BACK intot he atmostphere, 3 loud booms occur. That is the sound of it passing through the...atmostphere. Last time the shuttle came back, it was scheduled for 10:21 pm. I was not prepared and had little-known of its return until earlier that evening. So at 10:21 on the button, 3 loud booms shook the windows. I jumped up and yelled, "William, William, William!" (Because that is what I call him when things get serious)and he said, "Get me a knife, I need a knife!" While he swept the perimeter of the house, mom came out all befuddled from having been awoken by the banging and insisted that it had been a teenager (because she hates teenagers) banging on her window. I argued that it had been on the livingroom window. Eventually we looked at the clock and went back to our lives.

This morning, however, I was very-well prepared for the shuttle to lift-off. (or so I thought) Kyle was planning to wake up early to watch it since the apartment is across the river from the station. So, at 6:21 I was awoken from death by the house shaking with a terrible fury and the sound of a giant freight truck in my bedroom. I ran into the kitchen yelling, "Daddy, Daddy!!" Brinkley walked in and looked at me. Then I remembered the shuttle and assured her that it was ok. (to which she probably thought, yeah I know) and I went and called Kyle. He said "It was amazing!! There were 1000 people in the feild next to our apartment! So I stuck my head out the window and said, 'Hey! When does this dang thing liftoff?!" It must have been amazing because it was the loudest I think we've ever had. Anywho, on my way to school this morning, I was 30 minutes late because of all the tourists and their dang traffic. I cannot understand for the life of me why so many people from Ontario and Connecticut drove allll the way down for 19 seconds of entertainment. Nope. I got counted absent even though I showed up and did my presentation on less sleep that normal.

Strange Monday indeed.


The Kopers said...

Thanks for posting those videos in the previous post. They were so cute.
And that is a strange Monday, for sure! I love picturing Kyle running around with a knife looking for the culprate who made the booms while you shutter in fear and mom gets angry at teenagers in general. Mom has always hated teenagers. It's so funny.

The Kopers said...

That's so cool! I got to see the shuttle take off once sitting in the Orlando airport.
And yes, what a strange Monday.